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What to learn in 2016?

Two days left until the closing, and at the same time, we shall celebrate the new year with joy for learning a new language. I put up polling about language that I would be recommended to learn in 2016. I listed out some of the languages that I have encountered and have once interested me, however, I did not manage to learn or did not keep up with the learning. I personally thank 94 voters that have participated in this polling.

5 Language Learning Tips I Shared Today

I just arrived home not long after participating in a weekly language event that I always join. If you did not know about the event, please visit the  Polyglot Cafe website , the information is available in Chinese, English, and Japanese. It was fun as usual meeting new people and practicing languages at the same time. It is not surprising to know someone that speaks 3, 4, or even 5 languages or more.

Hello In 4 Languages


What I Have Learned After Learning 10+ Languages

I began my language learning from a young age. I went to learn English at an English Learning Center before going to regular school. Thus, English is my first foreign language learned at school. The reason is very simple, English is a widely-used international language. Wherever people go, they will most likely speak English.

Guest Post: 6 Unexpected Techniques to Memorize New Phrases

Memorizing stuff is hard for lots of different people, and the weird thing is that it works different ways for different people. Some can remember strings of numbers, others can remember faces, and others can remember the intimate details of events. If you are unlucky, then you may have trouble memorizing new phrases, so here are a few techniques to help you. These techniques will help you learn new words in English, and will help you learn new words and phrases in another language.

Italki Language Challenge – Russian (Part 2)

Finally, my Russian course is coming to an end. I know the time is too short for anyone to reach fluency, means to understand news article or to converse without switching to another language. However, with the right learning technique and focus on only certain topics, you can learn the most within the shortest time.

Italki Language Challenge - Russian (Part 1)

The time has come finally. Another month, another challenge. I have finally come to realize that everyone regardless of their personal and professional backgrounds always has an interest in language learning. People of any age learn languages. I have to admit that language is one of many important aspects of our life. Without language, how could we communicate?

Going South East Asian

South East Asia comprises of 11 countries — Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and East Timor. These countries have different languages. However, Indonesian language is spoken in Indonesia and Malay language spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam are sometimes considered the same language. In fact, both are interchangeable but are also distinguishable.

Guest Post: Three great tips to learn Mandarin Chinese effectively

With the huge upswing in the numbers of people across the world planning to learn Mandarin Chinese , we often get asked for tips and advice on the best ways to effectively learn the language. So, we’ve put together 3 great tips to help you on your way:

Esperanto Goes To Italki

I had the chance to teach Esperanto to iTalki team members recently. Check out the photo on Instagram

Guest Post: Learn Mandarin now

I want to learn Chinese…, but where do I start? So, you’ve decided that you want to learn Mandarin Chinese? Read the characters and master the tones? Well, starting to learn any new language can be an enjoyable challenge, but possibly more so when there is a new “alphabet” and “tones” to learn, as with Chinese.

4 Interesting Conlangs

You may have read that there are more than 7,000 languages around the world, and many are endangered, so why bother creating languages? I am not a big fan of constructed language (conlang) but I have encountered several conlangs that I find interesting.

How to decide what to learn?

Every phase of decision making is a challenge. Some people sometimes spend too much time considering the good and bad results of the decision that they will make. Meanwhile, other people can make a decision quite fast.

How to Find Time to Learn Languages?

Throughout my years of experience in language learning, I finally conclude that language learning is not easy. Well practically, it is not easy although it may sound easy to do. Nevertheless, don’t let it discourage you to learn because all of your sacrifices are worthy!

3 Languages At Once

Social media as a platform for socializing also has other function, which is distributing the latest news to the world. I have been following many social media of bloggers and news portals, especially in language learning and other specific topics. And I get the everyday latest news from these social media, which did not exist 15-20 years ago.

Guest Post: Explore Atlaans, A Fun And Easy Germanic Conlang

I have always loved Germanic languages and recently I have started working on a conlang based on German and Dutch called Atlaans. I love fantasy and the idea of Atlantis has always intrigued me.

Language Challenge Accepted (Again)

I like challenges and I always challenge myself to learn languages. Through these challenges, I have encountered so many interesting facts that I would not know if I had not taken the challenge. Learning languages really broaden our mind to the outside world.

Guest Post: Why Hindi Translations Are Uncommon On the Web?

Each and every industry, nowadays, is running after money for gaining new markets and business opportunities. No wonder that it is the most significant part of a better living, but lack of attention to details can cost your business considerable amount of losses. The ‘attention to details’ here, refers to the attention to your native language, i.e. Hindi.

Guest Post: The Influence of Technology on the English Language

The history of the English language can be dated as far back as the 5th Century AD when three Germanic tribes, Angles, Saxons, and Jutes came to England and displaced the Celtic language that was spoken. The invasion of the Vikings, as well as the influence of Latin, caused the language to evolve further, and contributed a substantial amount of the vocabulary used today. This continued evolution has led to English being the second most used language in the world.

Second Language Meetup

A chef showing Tanzanian beer and Swahili phrasebook Having had so much fun on the previous meeting, I joined the event again for the second time which took place on Saturday, April 25th. The first meeting was awesome, but the second one was even more awesome. Not only we had more participants, but we also had a special language host.

First Language Meetup

I bet the majority of language learners from anywhere around the world must have heard about an event where language learners meet and converse in foreign languages, so-called Language Meetups. Me either, but I just joined my very first meetup yesterday! Don't know what holds me back from joining it before, anyway, I enjoyed it very much.

New Language Challenge: Turkish

The first thing comes to my mind when I hear the word "Turkish" is the Turkish ice-cream vendor in Danshui 淡水, New Taipei City 新北市 in Taiwan 台灣. Danshui, or also written as "Tamsui", is a touristic destination located at Northern Taiwan and is reachable by the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) for about 30 minutes away from Taipei Main Station. What comes first to your mind when you hear the word "Turkish"?

Level Up Or Learn A New Language?

So, you might be learning your ninth language and people keep on asking "When will you stop learning languages?" Instead of having an answer to that question, you came up with more questions, "Will you level up one language or learn a new language?"

My Name In Several Scripts/ Languages

Here is "Teddy Nee" in various Tibetan scripts, the first being the usual capital one (uchen or "ucän") and the others "ume" cursive variants (chuyig, drutsa, and tshuthung, among others).

20 Hours Of Portuguese

20-hour language course is certainly short compared with what many study programs can offer. Imagine that you might spend the whole one hour on learning alphabets and telling people about your name, your hometown, your occupation, etc. in a language course.

Valentine's Day With Portuguese Language

Valentine's Day has just passed, how did you celebrate with your lovely one? Did you say "Happy Valentine" in many languages? Well, as a multilingual, I think it would be pretty awesome.

Guest Post: Castilian vs Canarian Spanish – All About The "Canarismos"

The differences between the Spanish of autonomous Catalonia and Castilian Spanish are exhaustive, requiring Spanish learners to invest extensive time and effort to pick up this alternate tongue.

Guest Post: How Technology Is Making It Easier To Learn A Language

How technology is making it easier to learn a language, while at the same time eliminating the need to do so.

Italki Challenge: The Game Is On

It has been one week after the challenge started and I have taken four classes so far. It was a bit off schedule but hopefully, I can manage to do more classes in the following weeks.

Guest Post: Lingotastic - My Language Teaching Journey

As a mum of three, I’ve brought my children up with an awareness of other languages, using point and name, playing, reading, singing, puzzles and DVDs. My husband is German, so we mostly did so in German and English, with a bit of French and Hebrew. My youngest child started school last September and, as I thought about paid work, I wanted to combine my love of languages with my experience working with mums and toddlers that I’d gained through unpaid work.

New Year, New Challenge

It's New Year (again), what are your resolutions? Hold on for a second, did you achieve what you had planned for last year? I see many people have a great interest in language learning, however, when it comes to the practice, they give lots of excuses and the biggest excuse is not having the time for language learning.

Guest Post: Is Mandarin Difficult? It Depends

According to many articles that I have read, Mandarin is one of top 10 most difficult languages to learn. I am a native Mandarin speaker and also a language teacher. From my over 4 years of teaching experience, I find it very interesting to observe the learning process of my students. I figured out that everyone has their own learning technique. Here, I would like to share some learning tips with you.

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