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Online Language Learning

Fortunately, the Internet exists today and it helps a lot in our daily activities. The internet is also a tool to learn a language nowadays. There are several websites for language learning or forums. For instance, Busuu, iTalki, Livemocha, and LingQ. Language learning has become so much easier and more efficient with the existence of the internet and websites, as well as forums.

Google Translate

I just found an interesting article from Yearlyglot about language learning, which is using Google Translate. I know that Google Translate cannot always be reliable, but at least it helps in some circumstances. So, the idea works in this way: You will first need to make friends with the native speaker or people who are fluent in the language that you are learning. Write a composition in your language and translate it using Google Translate into the language you are learning. Then, you will learn from the corrections given by your native speaker friends.

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