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Guest Post: Role of Interest Behind the Language Learning

Language learning is not a new thing but it is not an easy thing. It is spot on that language learning is the most complex thing and everyone should offer their best to become master of a language. The best part of people is having to experience the trouble of learning a language at some point in their life. Obviously, there is a short cut to learn a language and it is essential for everyone to work hard to become master in a language. A lot of things have got to come together to learn a language in an effective manner, such as hard work, interest, motivation, encouragement, influence, self-assurance etc.

Sichuanese Language: As Hot As Its Hotpot

Does the title give you a clue of where this language is from? You might guess "China". That's correct, more precisely, Sichuan province in southern China which capital city is Chengdu. I had neither clue at all about this language, nor a clue about languages they speak in Sichuan province. Having the opportunity to learn Sichuanese language is completely a whole new experience for me, like discovering long lost treasure.

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