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Nauruan Language

The Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has held a two-day event promoting the Asia-Pacific culture in the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei City, on September 28-29th. The participants come from the Solomon Islands, the Philippines, the Marshall Islands, Vietnam, Tuvalu, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Palau, Nauru, Malaysia, Kiribati, Japan, Indonesia, India, Fiji, and Brunei. Apart from performing dances from each of the countries, the participants also displayed a wide variety of handicrafts and artworks as well as authentic cuisine on each country's booth. 

Chinese Menu

Whichever country we are in this world, we cannot deny that food is part of our life. Especially when living in a foreign country, food can be an issue although I sometimes love food adventure. It is still fresh in my mind how I spent my first month in Taiwan eating food from convenience stores, such as 7-11 and Family Mart. Thank God they saved me :D The problem is, I was lack of Mandarin skill and we have a different food culture. 

Spanish for White Belt Beginners

With the nowadays-advanced technology, learning has been taken to a new level. Teaching-learning environment may not only happen inside the classroom but also on the internet. Learners from around the world may take as many paid/ free courses as they want from any field of study, as long as they are connected to the internet. Institutions and individuals offer the courses. Learners simply need to sign up and start taking courses.

The Great Language Game

I came across The Great Language Game from a social media from a polyglot that I follow. It is a language game. Players are shown with an audio recording and choices of language for the players to choose. According to the About page, these audio recordings are snippets of news from SBS Australia . 

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