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Reading Chinese Text

When I was searching  about learning Mandarin  on the Internet, I found a very brilliant tip in reading Chinese text. This technique can be applied only by those who know Traditional Chinese phonetics (注音 Zhuyin ) So, here is the technique:

Steve Kaufmann's Secrets

You can find the Internet almost wherever you go nowadays. It becomes the part of our lives. The Internet is a great tool that you can utilize in your language learning process. You can find audio and video about language learning online and keep on your computer or any media devices. YouTube is one of many websites that play a great role in learning a language. There are so many videos that have been uploaded about learning language, from tips and trick to the multilingual speakers (polyglot).

Watching Cartoon

I have just realized one little but important method, watching cartoons. Watching cartoons can be an effective way in language learning. Cartoons are targeted for kids, although there are a few cartoons for the grownups. Apart from cartoons, you can also choose kids TV programs. They usually have lighter topics; hence, they use simpler language in order to let the under-age viewers enjoy.

First, Forget About Grammar!

You may have heard a bit of advice not to learn grammar in the beginning or not to focus too much on grammar. This is obviously true because learning grammar may not keep you motivated. Moreover, the grammar may cause boredom because of its abundant rules. It does not mean that grammar is not important. In fact, grammar is the foundation to build a perfect structure of sentences. You will learn about the grammar as you are learning to construct sentences. It will not be fun to spend too much time with grammar, instead of the cultural aspect of the language. You should be able to find a way to make your language learning fun. This will keep on motivating you in the progress. Good luck!

The Polyglot Project Interviews

"The Polyglot Project", a collection of the story about language learning was published in 2010. It comprises personal experiences, from learning methods to learning advice, of language enthusiasts and polyglots around the world. All of them gathered and contributed their time and efforts for this remarkable book . Interviews David Mansaray conducted interviews with ten amazing contributors to the book. They are listed as the following:

Learning by Doing

Language learning requires practice, practice, and practice. Continuous practice helps to improve your language ability rapidly and learning by doing is one of many good language learning methods . You may use the word or phrase that you have just learned in writing. And you may realize that you will need new words or phrases to complete the writing. Hence, there are two things that you can learn simultaneously — able to form sentences and to learn new word or phrase.

Use It Now!

I have been wondering about how the best way to start language learning is. Then, I did small research by watching videos, browsing online, going to the library and I finally found out the way. Language teaching method at schools usually requires students to memorize words repeatedly. I find this way less interesting and less effective because students will tend to forget them quicker, instead of remembering them. 

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