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My 3 Favorite Eurovision Songs

You have probably never heard of the Eurovision (the Eurovision Song Contest) if you were not raised in Europe. It did not catch my attention until the recent few years but I am not a crazy fan either. But I was hooked to it, this singing competition show is different.

Language Meetups By Teddy Nee

Foreigners’ presence in Taipei city is quite visible. Wherever you go, on the street or inside the MRT station, you will see foreign faces easily. Taipei is really an international city. There are a lot of foreign restaurants, bars, nightclubs, etc. If you have free time every day and want to get some acquaintances, Taipei has plenty of meetups that you can join. One of them is “Language Meetup” where participants gather to practice different languages. These participants come from various walks of life: expats, professionals, students, etc.

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Fluent in 3 months – Language Hacking and Travel Tips

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Language Tsar