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Yazmak neden tuşlamaktan daha iyidir?

Elle yazmanin önemini, öğretmenim çince karakter yazma ödevi verdiği zaman anladım. Genelde, çince karakterleri yazmak yerine dijital ortamda tuşlara basarak yazardım. Sonra anladım ki her ne kadar dijital ortamda çince karakterleri tuşlayabilsem de, gerçek hayatta yazamıyordum. Çince karakterler size sesin nasıl çıkması gerektiği konusunda hiç bir ipucu vermez. Bilgisayarda yazarken, once doğru tonu koyarsınız, sonra da doğru karakteri listeden seçip sonraki kelimeye geçersiniz. Bununla birliklte, çince karakterleri elle yazarken, ton ve ses olmadan yazarsınız.

Due Libri Cinesi Preferiti

Amo molto leggere . Nessuno può negarlo e sogno di avere la mia libreria completa di tutti i libri che sono ancora conservati ordinatamente in camera mia nella casa dei miei genitori e i libri in lingua straniera che ho collezionato. Finora, ci sono 31 lingue nella mia collezione di libri in lingua straniera, che ho preso principalmente da amici e acquistato da librerie che ne vendono di seconda mano. Mi piace leggere diverse categorie di libri tra cui quelli di Filosofia, Psicologia, Affari, Lingue, Viaggi e Cultura.

Online Talen Leren

Wat een geluk dat internet vandaag der dag bestaat, vooral wanneer het ons kan helpen in onze dagelijkse activiteiten. Tegenwoordig kan je zelfs een volledige taal leren met behulp van het internet. Voorbeelden hiervan zijn Busuu, iTalki, Livemocha, en LingQ. Het leren van talen is zoveel makelijker en efficiënter geworden door het bestaan van internet websites and fora.

앞으로 또는 뒤로 외국어 번역하기

당신은 외국어의 의미를 이해하기 위해서 모국어로 번역할지도 모릅니다. 만약 잘된 번역이라면 그 의미를 이해하게 될 것이고 아니면 더 혼란해 할 수 있을 것입니다. 외국어는 문법, 문장 구조, 전문 용어, 그리고 문화적 측면에 의한 차이에 의해서 다른 의미를 가집니다.

Esperanto: 5 Months

Saluton ĉiuj! Kiel vi fartas?  Mi nomiĝas Teddy kaj mi parolas Esperanton Hi everyone! How are you?  My name is Teddy and I speak Esperanto It is Esperanto, an artificial language created by a Polish oculist 125 years ago. What makes it special is the fact that Esperanto is the most spoken artificial language in the world. I began to learn it on May 20th this year after watching several videos about the history of Esperanto and its international society. It is so easy that many Esperanto speakers can learn it up to conversational level in just a few months.

Multilingual Singer and Song

Singer: 黄明志 Namewee Namewee (Chinese: 黄明志; pinyin : Huáng Míng Zhì) or Wee Meng Chee; (born May 6, 1983 in Muar, Johor) is a Malaysian Chinese of Hainanese descent. He speaks Fujianese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, and English. Read more Title: WE ARE GANGSTER ! - Malaysia 4 Languages Rap [鬼老大哥大Hantu Gangster] Movie theme song Language: English, Fujianese, Malay, Tamil

Guest Post: The 3 Worst Mistakes I Made as a Language Student

When I was 18, I studied Modern Standard Arabic for a year and a half. I attended class seven hours a day and then studied at night for another one to three hours. It was exhausting. But at the end of the program, I finished second in my class and passed my proficiency exams with no problems. More importantly, I could read Arabic newspapers and listen to Arabic news broadcasts, and I had no problem talking about a variety of topics.

Klingon: nuqneH

Klingon ( tlhIngan Hol ) is the language spoken by alien characters in the Star Trek movies called Klingons. The first few words had been invented in 1979 by James Doohan ("Scotty") for the first Star Trek movie. In Star Trek III: The Search for Spock , the director and writer-producer wanted the Klingons to speak a real-sounding language, so they appointed Marc Okrand to invent the Klingon language . Besides the invention of few alien-sound words, he also invented a complete language, with its own grammar and vocabulary. Marc created uncommon consonants and combinations of consonants in natural languages in order to make it sound alien, such as /q͡χ/.

Marshallese Language

Aolepān Aorōkin M̧ajeļ The Marshall Islands (Marshallese:  Aolepān Aorōkin M̧ajeļ ) is located in the northern Pacific Ocean. It is home to more than 68,000 Marshallese. The most populous atoll is Majuro, which is also the capital city. The Marshall Islands is one of several Pacific countries that use US Dollar . American, Japanese, German, Russian, and British  had visited, settled, and even colonialized  these Micronesian islands in the late 1700s. While the local population is mostly indigenous, there a numerous mixed of Japanese, American, and German Marshallese . 

Gilbertese Language

Kiribati (Gilberts) Kiribati (or locally pronounced as "Gilberts") derives from the Gilbert Islands, which is the main island. The name of the Gilbert Islands in indigenous Gilbertese language is " Tungaru ". The Gilbert Islands was named after a British explorer , Thomas Gilbert, who was the first European to discover them. It is home to about 100,000 of I-Kiribati .

Tuvaluan Language

Talofa Tuvalu! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s chartered jet landed on this Polynesian island last year on the final leg of their tour to the Far East . Tuvalu ranks as the fourth smallest country in the world , following Vatican City, Monaco, and Nauru as the top 3 in the list, respectively. Formerly known as the Ellice Islands , Tuvalu separated from the Gilbert Islands in 1975 and gained independence from Great Britain in 1978. The capital city is Funafuti. 

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