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Two Months Later

It is finally two months since I started to learn Esperanto. I used  Libera Esperanto Libro and Lernu  in the beginning. I read them every day. Then, I found some PDFs in English and Spanish about Esperanto. So far, it is going well. I have been exchanging messages on  Lernu  and talking in Esperanto after one week of learning and three weeks of learning, respectively. I enjoy reading articles very much, such as articles from El Popola Cxinio . Apart from that, I also enjoy chatting with Esperantists (Esperanto speakers) in Skype.

Skype Language Learning

Have you ever used Skype for language learning? If yes, that is great! Congratulations, you have used one of the best tools for language learning. If no, you may want to consider using it. Personally, Skype has been a magnificent tool. I use it every day to talk with my family and friends, or in another word, for international and domestic calls. It is FREE!

The Universal Language

What is a universal language? Why do we need a universal language? How a universal language can benefit us? These several questions and considerations have existed since decades ago. Several people, thus, had adapted or even created a language that served as a common language. Have you ever thought about how the Spanish language be the major language of South American countries? Have you also thought about why I am writing in English, which is not even my native language?

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