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Guest Post: Why Listen to Foreign Music And Radio When Learning A Language?

There are many different ways and reasons to learn a foreign language. You may be studying for a big exam, preparing for a move to a new country or simply just looking to gain a new skill. Whatever your reasons for attempting to pick up a whole new language, there are some inescapable truths. Speaking a different tongue is difficult to achieve and is amount more than just reciting words and phrases from a page.

Guest Post: 4 Steps To Becoming A Successful Translator

In this article, you will find some advice about growing your freelance language services business fast. A freelance translator may have excellent language and translation skills, but it is the lack of business skills that causes many freelance translators to fail. In this short article, you will find vital guidance to what every freelance translator need to do to run a successful business.

Esperanto Duolingo and Magazine

Esperanto might not be strange to you but how much did you know about Esperanto? Every time I talked about Esperanto to my friends and acquaintances, I always noticed surprise in their faces. Some of them have had heard about Esperanto but did not have any ideas about it. Wikipedia has articles in Esperanto, and Google Translate also has Esperanto in the language options, so it means Esperanto is supposedly a language that worth to be considered about.

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Fluent in 3 months – Language Hacking and Travel Tips

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