Esperanto Presentation

I got an amazing opportunity today to present about Esperanto in South East Asian Migrant Inspired (SEAMI), a non-profit organization located in Taoyuan city, Taiwan. The presentation lasted for approximately one hour and I covered the brief history of Esperanto, Esperanto organizations, Esperanto-related entertainment, and my experience of learning it as well as friendship that I have because of Esperanto.

Guest Post: 7 Attributes Competent Interpreters Have in Common

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There is now a high demand for interpreters across various businesses looking for an opportunity to go international. This is exactly why there are also entities who focus on building their own private translation agencies to offer translating services.

10 Tips To Learn A New Language

Anyone from anywhere can access information much easier nowadays. Don't believe it? It doesn't matter where you are right now, you can always read my articles in this blog, can't you? In fact, this blog has been viewed by readers from more than 100 countries around the world, even from some countries that I didn't know they exist. It is very incredible to learn about how information flows faster than the flow of rain water into the sea, something that my mom could never believe, not to say my grandmom.

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