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Interview: Ermira B Gashi (Kosovo)

Let's meet Ermira B Gashi from Kosovo Facebook 1. Could you tell us about yourself, including the languages you know? My name is Ermira B Gashi. I am doing my Master in Mechanical Engineering – Road Transport department at the University of Prishtina ”Hasan Prishtina” here in Kosovo.  I do speak a few languages as well. Besides my mother tongue Albanian language, I also speak English, Spanish, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, a little German and Italian. 2. Why do you think languages are important to you? Speaking another language allows you to connect with people and exchange experiences, cultures, languages, information that you want to know and you get closer with people speaking their language. 3. Which language are you learning and how do you learn? At the moment, I am focusing on improving my Turkish and German. I listen to a lot of songs in Turkish, and also watch their movies, I also watch a lot of videos with conversations in the German language, read articl

The importance of using frequently the language you are learning

Everyone learns a language for different purposes. They could be for job, survival, heritage, romance, or even just a hobby. Regardless of the choice of language, it will certainly help you mentally and logically. Whether you learn a language by yourself or with a teacher, you have to understand that your skill will only improve as fast as how frequently you practice.

Learn Arabic Script Easily for Indonesian

Arabic script is not a new thing for most Indonesian, especially Muslims. This is because Arabic is also a religious language. Therefore, a lot of Indonesian Muslims have learned it at schools. As for non-Muslim Indonesian, they may not have learned it but they have seen it written mostly in the mosques. 

How much do you know about languages in the world?

The emergence of language is recognized in the history of human civilization as a very important milestone. The discovery of language has gone through a very long process, it almost did not leave any traces. People today can only refer to changes in the characteristics of ancient human activities that showed some aspects of the invention of language, nevertheless people still do not know the exact time of the discovery of human language.

Guest Post: How to Use Translation to go from Online Student to Online Entrepreneur

As we get pressed into the new normal, more people are working online, living online, playing online and even shopping online. What people do not tell you, is that if you can learn online, if you can shop online and if you can even work online, it means you have what it takes to move from being an online student to being an online entrepreneur. No, this is not a get rich quick scheme and the truth is, working to build any business is challenging. 

3 Problems and Solutions for a Successful Language Exchange

Every time I go into language groups on the internet, I always see a lot of people looking for language partners. In their post, they always start by introducing themselves, the language they are learning, and the language they know. The necessity for a language partner seems to be a very high-demand request.  Have you ever thought about how many of them succeed in finding a language partner? How do they manage their learning with their language partners? Is one language partner enough?

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