3 Languages, 3 Regions, 1 Family

Have you ever thought why there are similar languages in this world? One example is Malay and Indonesian. However, I have seen many books that categorize them into the same language, so called Malay/ Indonesian.

Palauan Language

If you look at the map, go to the east of The Philippines and the north of Indonesia, located in the western Pacific Ocean is an island country called Palau. Apart from its official language, which is English, Palauan people also speak Palauan language daily. Some of the recognised regional languages are Japanese, Sonsorolese, and Tobian.

Guest Post: Five Secrets of Successful Translators

What makes some translators better than others? 

While natural talent plays a role, it’s certainly not the only reason that some translators are able to achieve more success in their careers than others. There are tips and tricks that you can take on board to up your game and boost your career at any time of life. In that vein, here are five secrets of successful professional translators to get you started.

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