How to decide what to learn?

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Every phase of decision making is a challenge. Some people sometimes spend too much time considering the good and bad results of the decision that they will make. Meanwhile, other people can make decision quite fast.

In language learning, you will be faced with the first question, "Which language to learn?" It is an easy question with so many possible answers, but yet, difficult to answer because choosing a language to learn means that the learners need to commit an amount of time with it.

How to find time to learn languages?

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Throughout my years of experience in language learning, I finally conclude that language learning is not easy. Well practically, it is not easy although it may sound easy to do. Nevertheless, don’t let it discourage you to learn because all of your sacrifice is worthy!

The frequently heard excuse for not learning a language is not having the time. In fact, everyone is always busy; students are also busy although they don’t spend as much time as what office workers do.

3 Languages At Once

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Social media as a platform for socializing also has other function, which is distributing latest news to the world. I have been following many social media of bloggers and news portals, especially in language learning and other specific topics. And I get everyday latest news from these social media, which did not exist 15-20 years ago.