Guest Post: Five Secrets of Successful Translators

What makes some translators better than others? 

While natural talent plays a role, it’s certainly not the only reason that some translators are able to achieve more success in their careers than others. There are tips and tricks that you can take on board to up your game and boost your career at any time of life. In that vein, here are five secrets of successful professional translators to get you started.

Keep On Learning Languages and Be An Independent Learner

I have always been encouraging people to learn languages, no matter it be languages from other countries or languages that belong to your country. I regard any languages apart from my native language as "foreign languages". In my case, the term "foreign languages" includes Indonesian dialects, which is not native for me.

Tagalog Lesson During Typhoon Day

First typhoon just passed few days ago, and another typhoon passed by the island early morning on the day of our second Tagalog lesson. It rained heavier in the morning when I woke up, and fortunately, it did not get heavier when I went out. For this lesson, we learnt about subject pronouns or "paksang panghalip" and words used in a conversation or "mga salitang gamit sa pakikipag-usap".

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