5 Reasons To Learn Indonesian

Indonesian language belongs to Austronesian language group, which consists of languages from Taiwan to Southeast Asia, and from Madagascar to the Pacific Ocean. The most speakers of Indonesian language can be found in Indonesia, and you can see the whole country of Indonesia very clearly in the map, just search along the equator line.

If you were to speak 12 languages

There is a question in Quora entitled "If you were to speak 12 languages (including your native language), which ones would you choose?" and here is my answer.

My dream is to know six official languages of the United Nations, however, I know that I’ll acquire some other languages in the progress because I have various reasons to learn a language.

2016 Recap: Keep On Learning Languages

This year is coming to an end. Many ups and downs have passed, and I'm sure that we must have learnt a lot from our experience. On behalf of Nee's Language Blog, I am and will still be working hard to motivate everyone to learn languages, and I am not alone! Several websites have mentioned Nee's Language Blog, and it is my honor to receive such opportunity. I have made a list of all websites that have featured Nee's Language Blog in 2016. Last but not the least, let's welcome 2017 with optimism, and keep on learning languages.

Guest Post: Everything you should know about the Ukrainian language (Part 2)


The Ukrainian language has 3 grammar tenses: present, past, and future. It exists two verb forms of the past and in the future tenses: imperfective and perfective. The imperfective form means that an action is ongoing and repetitive. The perfective form means that the action is completed (or will be completed in the future tense), this is an action of general nature. Here is an example of the verb “писати” /pysaty/ - to write:

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