20 Hours Of Portuguese

20-hour language course is certainly short compared with what many study programs can offer. Imagine that you might spend the whole one hour on learning alphabets and telling people about your name, your hometown, your occupation, etc. in a language course.

If you join a course with many students, your learning pace can go only as fast as the slowest student. That might not be efficient for some students. The solution is either to do self-learning or to take a 1-on-1 course.

Valentine's Day With Portuguese Language

Valentine's Day has just passed, how did you celebrate with your lovely one? Did you say "Happy Valentine" in many languages? Well, as a multilingual, I think it would be pretty awesome.

February 14th a.k.a Valentine's Day marks my 1 month of learning Portuguese in Italki Challenge. Oh wait, it is not 1 month as in 30 days but actually, it is only 17 hours. That is because I take only about 4 classes in a week.

Guest Post: Castilian vs Canarian Spanish–All About The ‘Canarismos’

Map of the Canary Islands.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The differences between the Spanish of autonomous Catalonia and Castilian Spanish are exhaustive, requiring Spanish learners to invest extensive time and effort to pick up this alternate tongue.

The language of Spain’s island communities, however, is not quite disparate. Leaners will only have to twinge a few of their Castilian based words and phrases to sound like a regular island native.  If you’re planning on visiting and want to wow, or you’re going there to study, here’s a breakdown of the main differences between Castilian and Canarian Spanish to set you off on the front foot.