Interview: Manfred Sailer (Germany)

Let's meet Manfred Sailer from Germany

1. Could you tell us about yourself, including the languages you know?

Hello, my name is Manfred Sailer. I am a German monolingual. Ever since elementary school, I have been fascinated by the grammar. I still remember how excited I was when we learned what an "adjective" was. I only started learning other languages at the age of 10. I managed to turn grammar into my profession, studying general linguistics and working as a linguist in the English department of Goethe University, Frankfurt. I love learning languages, though I am quite lazy when it comes to memorizing vocabulary.

Review: Ripeti Con Me!

"Ripeti con me" means "repeat with me" in Italian. Repetition has always been one of many successful factors of language learning. It does not matter whichever language you learn, you need to repeat it daily, and make it part of your life to get a better outcome.

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