Guest Post: 7 Ways to Stay Motivated When Learning Spanish

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Learning a new language takes consistent work over a long period of time, and sometimes it's just hard to stick with it. Even the most seasoned polyglots struggle with a lack of motivation from time to time. Here's 7 ways I’ve learned to keep my motivation up during the times when I feel like I have none left.

It's time to learn Indonesian

Which language do you think they speak in Indonesia? Malay, Indonesian or Bahasa? Have you ever learnt it or do you know anyone who speaks it? Many people may recognize this language as Bahasa, and what does Bahasa really mean because there are also other way of calling this language, such as Malay language and Indonesian language. If you have read about Indonesia in encyclopedia, you must have noticed that the official language is written as Indonesian. However, you might have seen language books for learning Malay/ Indonesian or you might have read many blog articles that mention “Bahasa”. So, which one is the correct name?

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