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Indonesian Taxi Driver Speaks English

If you think that "age" is a problem in language learning , watch this video. Tarmedi, an Indonesian taxi driver, is 54 years old and have been working for 25 years as a taxi driver. Prior to that, he has worked as a pedicab driver and  street vendor . He did not finish  elementary school , was illiterate, however, the "young spirit" motivates him to  learn English  despite his age. Since a video was uploaded by one of his passengers, he has appeared in several media and has been a trending topic in the country.

Languages of Belize

Belize, a former British colony and a neighboring country to Guatemala and Mexico, is the only English-speaking country in Central America. About 300,000 of the population with its diverse cultures and languages form the unique Belizean society. Spanish, Creole (also referred to as Kriol ), and other regional languages are also spoken apart from English (official language). Therefore, bilingualism is a common situation for Belizean.

Guest Post: Learning French - Virtual versus Brick & Mortar Classrooms

People have traditionally learned French in traditional classrooms, but there has been a shift towards online learning in the past few years. Each option has pros and cons worth considering before making a choice.

Happy New Year 2014

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