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Guest Post: Ten Tips for Developing The Language Learners Thinking Skills

In order to enhance the language learners thinking skills, instructors should employ a variety of strategies. The following strategies can be use by instructors to ensure that the learners develop thinking skills. 1. Develop a well-structured teaching program depending on the level of the learners This will help the learners to understand the things that they are taught well and be able to understand the language and answer questions.

How Much Time?

When we talk about how much time you spend on learning a foreign language, we may need to look into your schedule. How did you manage your learning schedule? 30 minutes of reading per day? 1 hour of speaking per day? Do you think that you have done much to be better? In fact, you need more than that to excel in the language.

The Secret Messages Inside Chinese URLs

"An American friend living in Beijing once said she refused to communicate with anyone whose email address consisted of a string of numbers, such as 62718298454@ . This made sense to me at the time—why make email addresses as difficult to remember as phone numbers ? But I soon realized that issuing a blanket ban on number-based communications would mean cutting off just about every single Chinese person I knew.

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Fluent in 3 months – Language Hacking and Travel Tips

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