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Guest Post: Ten Tips for Developing The Language Learners Thinking Skills

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In order to enhance the language learners thinking skills, instructors should employ a variety of strategies. The following strategies can be use by instructors to ensure that the learners develop thinking skills.

1. Develop a well-structured teaching program depending on the level of the learners

This will help the learners to understand the things that they are taught well and be able to understand the language and answer questions.

2. Group work

More group work is recommended for learners because it offers a chance for each member to think and participate according. Learners get into groups and search some periodicals on the language. They are to write meaningful words that they find in the periodicals and their meanings and discuss.

3. Class presentations

Instructors should allow sessions for presentations, whereby groups and individuals can present in class and answer questions asked by the instructor or fellow learners. This part of questions is particularly important because it helps a learner to think more and answer the questions asked. This will also demonstrate the ability of a learner to recall, describe and identify things that they have learnt.

4. Asking questions to the learners

An instructor should ask questions to the learners, in order to make them think more and not wait for the instructor to break down everything.

5. Use of pictures, images and other illustrations

This will make the learners to think about the meaning as depicted in the illustration. This will help the learners to recall the picture later.

6. Giving out various tasks to the students

This will help the learners to think about the possible answers and help them learn the language. The learners should be encouraged to read the questions and focus the problem, then decide on the correct answers to the tasks. Help is also available online and students can find various translations into any language. This will help students to develop interest in the language and take an active role in learning.

7. Appraising learners for their efforts

Instructors should give tasks to the learners and appraise them for their efforts. This will help them in thinking more about the language and ways of becoming better in the language. Appraisals will encourage the learners to focus more on becoming better.

8. Continuous assessments to enhance thinking skills

Instructors should provide continuous assessments as they progress, in order to test the thinking skills of the learners. They can ask questions which require the learner to compare, analyze, evaluate or describe, and this will help the learners advance in thinking skills, as opposed to learning without continuous tests. The instructors will focus on the areas that they find problematic to the students and assist accordingly.

9. Encourage students to research on various problems on their own

This will give each student a time to think about the given tasks independently or seek the help of someone who understands the language better.

10. Motivation

The instructors should motivate the learners and guide them in ways that will enable the students to focus and think about the new language and the task ahead.

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