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The biggest obstacle in language learning may be the difficulty to find a native speaker or someone for speaking practice. That will not be a problem anymore because there is an interactive and interesting website called Verbling that connects you with language learners and native speakers. I have been using it to learn Spanish. Verbling supports several languages, such as Spanish, Italian, English, French, and Russian. It is free.

Chinese Dialects Around Me

Here I want to cover a little bit about the Chinese dialects that exist around me, the place I grew up and the place where I am living now. I grew up as a Hokkien/ Fujianese person, with a quarter part of me as Cantonese. It is still fresh in my mind that I used to learn Cantonese from my maternal grandmother on my visit to her house every Sunday. 

Language Groups

The very common problem that a language learner encounters in the journey of language learning is about which language to learn. I myself also have gone through that situation. What I did was to conduct small research about which language has got the most speakers, the most preferred, the most useful in the job, and "the most" list goes on. 

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