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Guest Post: Polyglot Indonesia

I mentioned earlier in one of my articles that joining local communities is one of many strategies to learn languages. Apart from learning the language, you may also have the chance to interact with fellow learners. You may also do things together in the foreign language, such as singing, chatting, or anything in order to use the foreign language in real life. Surround yourself with the learning atmosphere, then the motivation and self-confidence will come.

Giveaway: Private Beta Access to FluentU [Closed]

Do you like to watch videos to learn a language? If yes, did you encounter any difficulty? Watching videos is one of my methods to learn a language. It gives an opportunity to sharpen my listening skill, to know how an emotion or gesture is attached to the phrases, and to learn about the cultural aspect of the language.

Review of Italki: A Different Way To Learn Languages

Do you usually enroll in a language course or buy books to learn a language? Or do you always utilize the Internet to find native speakers and at the same time to use it as your language learning tool? Personally, I would go for the second option, to utilize the Internet.

Motivation and Strategy in Language Learning

Since the commercialization of the Internet in mid-1990, it has contributed significant changes in our lives and has even had a revolutionary impact on commerce and culture, including the way we see our world. Communications become easier. Social networking, discussion forums, and online shopping sites are rising.

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Fluent in 3 months – Language Hacking and Travel Tips

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