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Cantonese or Russian?

Imagine you have only one month to learn a language by yourself, would you choose to learn a new language or improve those you have known? What if you will learn under the guidance of a professional teacher? Which language will you choose to learn? And what if you could get rewards for learning languages? Sounds good, right?

Italki Language Challenge 2016

It's the time again,  Italki Language Challenge is back! January 2016, the first month of this new year, is the perfect timing for anyone who is set on a journey to learn a new language or improve the previously learned language(s). Italki has changed the rule a little bit. So, check out what's new in this language challenge.

Guest Post: Learn Chinese Language Online, Fast and Free (The Ultimate Guide) Part 2

2. PDFs What’s cool about the internet is you can download PDF versions of textbooks. PDF textbooks for learning Chinese can be very comprehensive, delving in-depth into the language. Once you download them to your e-reader, you no longer need an internet connection to read them. Take them with you wherever you go. Study while you’re riding the bus or metro or waiting for an appointment.

Guest Post: Learn Chinese Language Online, Fast and Free (The Ultimate Guide) Part 1

With its rich history, beautiful geography, and unique cultural identity, China is one of the world’s most compelling destinations. It’s also home to 1.357 billion people. So if you are going to learn a second language that a lot of people speak, Chinese is an excellent choice.

Language Challenge 2016

First of all, let me greet all of you, my lovely readers, a warm Happy New Year 2016! Nee's Language Blog will not make it until today without you! Yes, you! You! YOU! This is a follow-up post of What to learn in 2016?  As what we have seen in the polling, Latvian, Russian, German, Arabic, and Turkish were among the top favorited language from the list.

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Fluent in 3 months – Language Hacking and Travel Tips

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