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Two Favorite Chinese Books

I love reading very much. Nobody can deny it and I am dreaming of having my own library full of all the books that are still kept neatly in my room in my parents' house and foreign language books that I have been collecting. So far, there are 31 languages in my foreign language book collection, which I mainly got from friends and bought from second-hand bookstores. Several book categories that I like to read include Philosophy, Psychology, Business, Language, Traveling and Culture.

Esperanto: Saluton!

I had heard and read about Esperanto before, but did not pay much attention to it until today, when I watched several videos about Esperanto. You may question what kind or which country's language Esperanto is. How important is this language for the society? How did everything begin? How many Esperanto speakers there are in this world? Can Esperanto be one of the major languages in the global business market like Chinese and English?

The Reason

What is the reason behind learning a foreign language? Some of the popular reasons that I can recall are a job requirement, school mandatory class, and for traveling. I guess I have never mentioned any reason behind my foreign language learning, have I? So here you are. I am going to write about those languages that I have learned and the new languages that I want to learn as well as (of course) the reason.

Is Being Bilingual a Good Thing?

What do you think about the title? Do you agree that being bilingual is a good thing? There are many countries in this world, which have only one language; however, there are many more countries that have more than 1 language being spoken every day! Scroll down to read the answers.

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