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Two Favorite Chinese Books

中文: 中國古籍。

I love reading very much. Nobody can deny it and I am dreaming of having my own library full of all the books that are still kept neatly in my room in my parents' house and foreign language books that I have been collecting. So far, there are 31 languages in my foreign language book collection, which I mainly got from friends and bought from second-hand bookstores. Several book categories that I like to read include Philosophy, Psychology, Business, Language, Traveling and Culture.

Reading is one of many activities that I enjoy very much, including reading in a foreign language. Apart from Indonesian, I also read in English, Chinese and Spanish. I have been exercising the habit of reading in Chinese and Spanish recently. Here, I want to show two of my favorite Chinese books.

1. 給自己的10堂外語課 (If I translate into English, it will be "Give oneself 10 classes of foreign language course")
This book is awesome! It contains the language learning experience of the author, who has joined NGOs and has traveled to many countries. He writes about 10 languages that he learned, why did he learn, and how did he learn. Moreover, he also mentions language learning material like materials from the Foreign Service Institute (FSI.) Some of the languages that he learned include Farsi, Burmese, Thai, Spanish, and Indonesian. 

2. 沙發衝浪 (Couchsurfing)
As many of you may have known, Couchsurfing is a popular social networking website that connects travelers from around the world. What caught my attention about this book is the author's decision to leave her job and travel to 16 countries for 15 months, after working for 16 years in ERP Department at a company in Hsinchu Science Park. Hsinchu Science Park is said to be the Silicon Valley of Taiwan.  

Do you have an interesting book about language learning and traveling? Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this article if you like. If you have any opinions, please leave a comment. I love reading them. 

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