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10+ Multilingual Celebrities

What a nice day today! I am still enjoying teaching language. Have I mentioned that I am an Indonesian, Mandarin and English language tutor? Learning and teaching languages have always been my passion. I am always keen on learning foreign languages, and communicating with people in foreign languages, or simply listening to foreign languages on TV and radio.

Know It Further - the Netherlands

Knowing about the language is interesting, yet it is not enough. The culture and local customs have also offered other interesting facts. Come and check what I have found about the Netherlands. You can see here many interesting facts about the Netherlands. For instance, cyclists have the complete right of the way, and there are 9.1% more bicycles than the people.

Dutch - Ik spreek Nederlands

Another language challenge: Dutch. I have never thought before about learning Dutch until I encountered the opportunity. One of my classmates is Dutch and he works in the university as a Dutch language tutor , which means the tutoring class is free for students. Then, I thought, "Why not grasp the chance?"

Forever a student: My multilingual recording in 11 languages

I found an interesting article about language. Vladimir, a native of Slovak, who is living in Taiwan, shares his experience in 11 languages in a different level of fluency.

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Fluent in 3 months – Language Hacking and Travel Tips

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