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24H Songs

I have good news for everyone. A friend just gave me a wonderful website a few days ago. On this website, you can listen to songs in several languages, such as Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, etc. for 24-hours non-stop. I have been using it recently. It is called 廣播電台.com . It is a good website for people like me who love listening to songs almost every day no matter what I am doing. I even will leave the song played in the background when I am in the bathroom.

Multitasking Language

I have just realized something recently in the middle of my shower. Yes, shower! Unbelievably, I got a lot of inspirations and ideas during the shower. That is quite funny! Anyway, I have just realized that I am using several languages simultaneously every day! Let me break them down. 

Recent Updates

It has been two weeks since I posted my last article. I have been so busy these days with language learning and with programming language learning, or simply human language and computer language as I prefer. 

Summer Chinese

Finally, summer break is here. How do you usually spend your summer break? Do you travel? Do you work? Whatever it is, I suggest you spend on something meaningful. As for me, I enrolled myself in a Summer Chinese program offered by National Taiwan Normal University 國立台灣師範大學 . I am going to hit it hard this time. Therefore, I am busy every day from Monday to Friday with Chinese class. 

Random posts

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