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It has been two weeks since I posted my last article. I have been so busy these days with language learning and with programming language learning, or simply human language and computer language as I prefer. 

A language is indeed a communication tool not only used by the human but also to the human-computer relationship. A computer language is similar to human language. It has a similar language pattern but is interpreted in a different way. I have been enriching myself by learning ASP.NET and C#, PHP, SQL, and some other server-side scripting as well as client-side scripting. Well, that is for computer language. 

Practice, practice, practice

Every day I go to Summer Chinese class in Taipei city, which is app. 30-45 minutes by train away from Taoyuan city. Then, I will take the subway to travel around and walk to campus. Therefore, I have a lot of time inside the train and subway and while walking. I realized that during this period, I could do quite many things, such as learning a language. Then, I started to make good use of it by listening to Pimsleur Russian and Spanish or reading books about language learning.

As time goes by, I can feel how improved my language learning is. Besides, I also have some Spanish articles that I got from BBC Mundo that I always practice with. I translate them into English by underlining those words I do not know and I always have dictionaries in my iPod to check. I should say that after half a year of Spanish learning, I could understand most of the Spanish words in the articles and it is very satisfying!

What do you usually do to practice a language? How do you manage your schedule? Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this article if you like. If you have any opinions, please leave a comment. You can also send me an email if you want private discussion. Last but not least, subscribe to this blog to get updates.

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