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Interview: Hanbid Kim (South Korea)

Let's meet Hanbid Kim from South Korea
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1. Could you tell us about yourself, including the languages you know? Hello everyone, my name is Hanbid Kim and my English name is Jack. My mother tongue is Korean. I have special hobbies such as studying several languages and traveling. I really like to study languages because I think of languages as versatile tools. There are languages like English, Chinese, Cantonese, etc. which are the main languages I can speak fluently. I want to know more languages around the world in my life.

Which second language is more useful?

Besides English, which other language is more useful and gives a higher investment return? Many Korean drama fans learn Korean, Japanese drama fans learn Japanese, did you know that these two languages are only used in Korea and Japan, respectively? The chance to use these two languages in many countries around the world is low.

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