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Giveaway: Private Beta Access to FluentU [Closed]

Do you like to watch videos to learn a language? If yes, did you encounter any difficulty?

Watching videos is one of my methods to learn a language. It gives an opportunity to sharpen my listening skill, to know how an emotion or gesture is attached to the phrases, and to learn about the cultural aspect of the language.

However, there are drawbacks of this method that I have encountered. When my level is still low, I do not get what is being spoken in the video although there is a subtitle. Everything passes like a buzz. I do not know which one is the pronoun, verb, or adjective. It becomes worse because many videos do not even have subtitles.


A representative of FluentU reached out to me to introduce their language learning website which utilizes the method of watching videos to learn languages. I like the idea very much. FluentU Chinese has been well received as you can see in their News page and they are now launching FluentU Spanish, French, and English.

There is an abundant of videos that learners can watch and at the same time, learners can also enrich their vocabulary and learn how to use the words in other sentences.

While playing a video, learners can see subtitle in their target language and learners can simply hover the mouse pointer to each of the words to get the meaning and to learn how the words are used in other phrases.

Take a look at their quick tour video to learn more about FluentU.

Sounds interesting, right? So send me your email address and name to It is only opened for one week! I will send the email that I have received to FluentU so they can give you the private beta access.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this article if you like. If you have any opinions, please leave a comment. I love reading them.

UPDATE. The representative of FluentU has informed me that they will send you the private beta access immediately if you request for it via my blog. In other words, you will be put into the waiting list if you request for it on FluentU website.

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