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The very common problem that a language learner encounters in the journey of language learning is about which language to learn. I myself also have gone through that situation. What I did was to conduct small research about which language has got the most speakers, the most preferred, the most useful in the job, and "the most" list goes on. 

Based on my experience, I found out several languages that I could group together. They are chosen because of having similar patterns of grammar, vocabularies, or having significant influence. In other words, by learning one language of them, you may have an idea and, perhaps, may have covered a big amount of another language of the same group.

The list of the languages are, but not limited to, the following:
  1. Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
  2. French, Haitian Creole
  3. Afrikaans, Dutch, German
  4. Chinese Mandarin and its dialects (Cantonese, Fujianese, etc.), Korean, Japanese
  5. Latvian, Lithuanian
  6. Indonesian, Malay
  7. Russian, Ukrainian
  8. Zulu, Xhosa, Swazi

I hope that it may help you in deciding which language to learn. You may choose the easier language based on the language that you have known.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this article if you like. If you have any opinions, please leave a comment. I love reading them.

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