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I have been wondering about how the best way to start language learning is. Then, I did small research by watching videos, browsing online, going to the library and I finally found out the way. Language teaching method at schools usually requires students to memorize words repeatedly. I find this way less interesting and less effective because students will tend to forget them quicker, instead of remembering them. 

The other problem is, there is no guarantee that those words are used in daily conversation or in any situation where the students might likely to encounter. If the learning material contains daily conversations, it is fine. However, how would it be if the learning material were poems or storybooks? For instance, let me pick up "lavatory" as an example. How many times does the word "lavatory" appear in the poem or storybook, comparing to travelers' pocket language book? In fact, "lavatory" is one of many important words that you need to know when learning a foreign language.

Key Phrases

From my language learning experience, I come up with the idea of learning a few phrases that can be applied in daily conversation directly. At least, it can help you to deal with some basic matters. The phrases are as the following:
  • Where, Why, Who, When, and How questions
  • Name of places, such as lavatory, restaurant, bank, etc.
  • Excuse me, Thank you, Sorry. These three are "magic" words.
  • You may need to know how to say thing related yourself, for instance, your origin, occupation, family, etc.
It may sound like lots of phrases to learn, however, the good news is you can learn only those of your priority. If you think that you will not go to the bank in the near future, you can skip those phrases first. So, what are your key phrases? Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this article if you like. If you have any opinions, please leave a comment or send me a message. I love reading them. And, remember to subscribe to this blog so you will never miss any updates.

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