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Watching Cartoon

I have just realized one little but important method, watching cartoons. Watching cartoons can be an effective way in language learning. Cartoons are targeted for kids, although there are a few cartoons for the grownups. Apart from cartoons, you can also choose kids TV programs. They usually have lighter topics; hence, they use simpler language in order to let the under-age viewers enjoy.


Many popular American and Japanese cartoons can be found in several countries with dubbed speech or subtitle. This is one advantage for language learners to practice listening and reading. Mandarin TV shows include cartoons, in Taiwan always have the subtitles not in any foreign language, but in Mandarin.

Do you watch the cartoon to learn languages? What cartoon can you recommend? Share your opinions by leaving comments below or send me a private message. Thanks for reading. If you like this article, spread it out to your friends. You can also subscribe to this blog so you will never miss any updates.

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