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Learning by Doing

Language learning requires practice, practice, and practice. Continuous practice helps to improve your language ability rapidly and learning by doing is one of many good language learning methods. You may use the word or phrase that you have just learned in writing. And you may realize that you will need new words or phrases to complete the writing. Hence, there are two things that you can learn simultaneously — able to form sentences and to learn new word or phrase.

The goal of language learning is to be capable of conveying your message in the language. My method in language learning is to write as much as possible. If necessary, I can also find some friends to review my writing. Dictionaries and other language learning references may be very useful at the beginning of your writing.

Mistake = Learn

Do not be afraid to make mistakes because learning is also from mistakes. Note that writing in a foreign language cannot always be done by literal translate. If you do not know the meaning, you may translate it to the closest meaning as possible. But make sure someone will correct it later. Making mistakes that will be corrected later, is the solution to your language problem. The reader can still understand what you mean from the context. Besides writing, living in the country of your target language also gives you benefits. You can learn directly from the native speakers and you get the opportunity to explore the culture.

So what is your learning style? Share with us by leaving comments below. Thanks for reading this article. If you think that it is useful, share it with your friends. You can also send me by email any suggestion that you have. Last but not least, subscribe to this blog to get new updates.

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