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Guest Post: Role of Interest Behind the Language Learning

Girls learning the American Sign Language.

Language learning is not a new thing but it is not an easy thing. It is spot on that language learning is the most complex thing and everyone should offer their best to become master of a language. The best part of people is having to experience the trouble of learning a language at some point in their life. Obviously, there is a short cut to learn a language and it is essential for everyone to work hard to become master in a language. A lot of things have got to come together to learn a language in an effective manner, such as hard work, interest, motivation, encouragement, influence, self-assurance etc.

Interest Behind the Language Learning

One of the most important things that you need to have behind language learning is the interest to learn it. It is the interest that stands as a motivating factor for the people to learn a particular language. One should have the self-interest to learn a language and none of the people can learn a language because others forced them to learn a language. If people try to learn a language because of the force of others, he cannot learn it effectively and end up as a loser. Therefore, the role of interest behind language learning is huge.

Motivating Factor

Interest is a motivating factor that guides people to learn a language. Language learning is tough and most of the times, you may feel to abort learning it. If you are really interest-oriented, you will not abort your plan to learn the language. Instead, you will try to prevail over all the troubles, issues, boredom, and obstacles you come across while learning a language. Obviously, language learning will never come as a piece of cake for you. There are indeed a number of stumbling blocks that you are essential to handle with hopefulness. Keep in mind that only your interest can guide you to achieve your language learning dreams and stands as a motivator of the successful learning of a language.

Interest Affects Learning Outcomes

A person should have the interest to learn a language for the reason that your interest can have an impact on learning outcomes. Your personal teacher while learning a new language is your interest.  If a person is not self-interested to learn a language, it does not help him to master the language in the long run. A lot of studies have revealed that interest can influence language learning outcomes and influence how a person gets through the learning process. Self-interest can indeed make the language learning process so simple since a person will be able to handle the difficult phases of language learning with more attention and concentration.

Positive Attitude

Your interest can help you to form a positive attitude in order to learn a language effectively. Languages are commonly taught in terms of the four skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. All language learners will require expanding their skills in each of these areas. It is easy for the people to become skilled at these areas since your language classes will integrate activities associated with all these skills. However, it’s vital for people to generate a positive attitude towards learning a language otherwise all the language learning activities may seem to be tedious for them and at last, they may skip learning language. Here comes the importance of personal interest because it can help you to create a positive attitude right through your phase of language learning.

Gives Enjoyment

When people learn a language with a lot of enjoyment, they can make the whole process of learning simple and trouble-free. How can you create an atmosphere of enjoyment while learning a language? The answer is simple, your personal interest. Remember that your personal interest is a medicine that can help you to cure every obstacle that may originate while learning a language. Following are some of the important and notable benefits or role that your personal interest has during the language learning phase:
  • Interest decides whether a person will continue to study the language.
  • Interest contributes greatly to learning outcomes.
  • Interest foster positive motivation in language learners.
  • Interest leads a person to master the language.
  • Interest creates positive attitudes towards language learning.
  • Interest will develop a desire in people to learn the language.
  • Interest guides people to enjoy learning the language.
  • Interest helps people to have self-determination to learn the language.

Learning a language is tough and naturally requires quite a bit of effort from the part of learners. The need of an interest in learning language does not only denote that someone is ready to face all the challenges while learning a new language but also indicates that they can stick to their aims, goals, and dreams from the beginning to the end. When someone has an interest in language learning, it becomes easy and even enjoyable to learn.

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