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Guest Post: Explore Atlaans, A Fun And Easy Germanic Conlang

I have always loved Germanic languages and recently I have started working on a conlang based on German and Dutch called Atlaans. I love fantasy and the idea of Atlantis has always intrigued me.

A bunch of my friends and I started developing a fictional world where Atlantis was a real place. Because of the dominance of Atlantean culture in this world, all languages come from some form of Atlantean. I decided to make an Atlantean language based on German and Dutch. Atlaans is just a Dutch version of the word "Atlantean".

Language Characteristics

Atlaans has a very simple grammar, and I think it will be very easy for people to learn. It has no conjugation and only has an accusative case in the pronouns.
Here are some example sentences:
  1. Hooda ar een shoon dag. Today is a beautiful day
  2. Es ar zeer sonich. It is very sunny.
  3. We gaan spaader for een spaziegang. We are going later for a walk
  4. Een spaziegang zu machen ar zeer gezund. Going for a walk is very healthy
  5. We gaan for een spaziegang jede dag. We go for a walk every day
  6. We gaan herum Hammen. We go around Hammen.
  7. Aan eend fon unser spaziegang we ujeth lunsh. At the end of our walk, we eat lunch
Atlaans includes mostly German words but also includes words from Dutch, Afrikaans, English, Norwegian and Swedish, and even some words from Serbian and Turkish. I included words from other languages to give the feeling that this is a language spoken in many places in this fictional world. Atlaans is mutually intelligible with German and Dutch people can also understand it pretty well. Learning Atlaans will be a good headstart to learning German and other Germanic languages.

Learning Resources

Currently, there is a Memrise course for Atlaans, where you can learn simple Atlaans words, and there is a sizeable dictionary available on the Atlan wiki, where there is more detailed information on Atlaans (found under Coastal Atlantean).
  1. Memrise course 
  2. Learn Atlaans 
  3. Learn Atlaans Grammar 
  4. Atlaans Dictionary 
  5. Atlaans Pronunciation 
  6. Atlaans Reading Material 

Atlaans Flag

The Atlantean flag is dominated by Blue which signifies the oceans that surround Atlantis and are a very important part of Atlantean culture and society.

The Orange signifies the Atlantean language which binds the Atlantean society together, and the thin strip of red represents the various dialect of Atlantean.

My name is Rolf Weimar. I am a language lover and constructed languages (conlang for short) creator. If you have any questions, come visit us at the home of Atlaans and language fun "Silly Linguistics".

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