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Guest Post: Why Hindi Translations Are Uncommon On the Web?

Each and every industry, nowadays, is running after money for gaining new markets and business opportunities. No wonder that it is the most significant part of a better living, but lack of attention to details can cost your business considerable amount of losses. The ‘attention to details’ here, refers to the attention to your native language, i.e. Hindi.

Most of the website launches are generally, in either English or Spanish (being the most used language for business communication). But what’s the point in launching a website in a language that you yourself do not understand. Even the reputed Hindi Translation Companies also overlook this parameter and result in websites that are riffed with bad translations. One thing that leads to a much worse condition is the use of computer-generated translations.

The Major Reasons

According to reports, Hindi translations are used only by a few companies and that too very rarely for business dealings. Most of the business dealings in India are held in English and not in the native language (Hindi), because of the following reasons:

1. Myths 

Some of the major and common reasons for this can be accredited to various myths. They are as follows:

  • The need for Hindi translation is fading away
  • Hindi Translation is a very small and niche market
  • Most of the Hindi translators are only suited to translate books
  • The Hindi language has no scope in the global market

2. Wrong Hiring 

As per a recent survey, it was found out that 65% of the translation companies follow a wrong approach for hiring Hindi translators/interpreters. On the other hand, the remaining companies utilize machine translations that can never deliver authentic translations. The results of the survey concluded that due to inappropriate hiring, the companies encountered huge loses. 

It is due to these reasons that Hindi translations have lost their essence and value. 

What Needs To Be Done

In order to retain the market value and keep the essence and value of Hindi language intact in the translations, it is necessary for the worldwide Hindi Language Translation Companies to focus on quality translations and build up a creative website in Hindi. Hindi websites are easy to reach out to a wider audience in India. You can even ask your website developer to design both Hindi and English websites for easy understanding and navigation. Further, you will also require a mindful and right approach to locate experienced Hindi translators. Since Hindi is a very rich language; therefore translating Hindi is not everyone’s cup of tea. Choose your translator wisely.

2015 Contribution to Hindi Translation

Before the advent of Narendra Modi, as the Indian Prime Minister, the condition and importance of Hindi translations was even much worse than now. Nevertheless, the situations are worse even today, but the strong and magnifying persona of our Prime Minister seems to escalate the need and importance of Hindi translations. In Indian history, he has evolved as the first prime minister who strongly puts forward his opinion to speak in Hindi wherever he goes. This has led to a sudden shift in the Hindi translation industry. Now gradually, a considerable amount of documents are being translated into Hindi. All his business conversations, business documents get translated into Hindi. It seems that in the near future, Hindi language and Hindi translations will become as popular as English and Spanish. 


Whatever you do, do it in your native language. As translation industry is a very complex one, you might never know when you got fooled around with poor translations. 


The decreased popularity and myths about Hindi translations in the business world, resulted in huge losses for most of the Hindi Translation Companies

My Name is Hemant Kumar and I am a professional writer. I am covering stories and news related to Translation Industry since a long time for small and big companies. In my spare time i love to read thoughts on industries translation. Email:

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