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2016 Recap: Keep On Learning Languages

This year is coming to an end. Many ups and downs have passed, and I'm sure that we must have learned a lot from our experience. On behalf of Nee's Language Blog, I am and will still be working hard to motivate everyone to learn languages, and I am not alone! Several websites have mentioned Nee's Language Blog, and it is my honor to receive such an opportunity. I have made a list of all websites that have featured Nee's Language Blog in 2016. Last but not least, let's welcome 2017 with optimism, and keep on learning languages.

Guest Post: Everything you should know about the Ukrainian language (Part 2)

UKRAINIAN GRAMMAR TENSES The Ukrainian language has 3 grammar tenses: present, past, and future. It exists two verb forms of the past and in the future tenses: imperfective and perfective. The imperfective form means that an action is ongoing and repetitive. The perfective form means that the action is completed (or will be completed in the future tense), this is an act of general nature. Here is an example of the verb “писати” /pysaty/ - to write:

Guest Post: Everything you should know about the Ukrainian language (Part 1)

Did you know that the Ukrainian language is among the most beautiful and melodic languages of the world? It reminds the nightingale's songs when you hear Ukrainian. Did I awake your interest? Well, let's continue!

3 Languages, 3 Regions, 1 Family

Have you ever thought about why there are similar languages in this world? One example is Malay and Indonesian. However, I have seen many books that categorize them into the same language, so-called Malay/ Indonesian.

Palauan Language

If you look at the map, go to the east of The Philippines and the north of Indonesia, located in the western Pacific Ocean is an island country called Palau . Apart from its official language, which is English, Palauan people also speak Palauan language daily. Some of the recognized regional languages are Japanese, Sonsorolese, and Tobian.

Guest Post: Five Secrets of Successful Translators

What makes some translators better than others?  While natural talent plays a role, it’s certainly not the only reason that some translators are able to achieve more success in their careers than others. There are tips and tricks that you can take on board to up your game and boost your career at any time of life. In that vein, here are five secrets of successful professional translators to get you started.

Keep On Learning Languages and Be An Independent Learner

I have always been encouraging people to learn languages, no matter it is languages from other countries or languages that belong to your country. I regard any languages apart from my native language as "foreign languages". In my case, the term "foreign languages" includes Indonesian dialects, which is not native to me.

Tagalog Lesson During Typhoon Day

The first typhoon just passed a few days ago, and another typhoon passed by the island early morning on the day of our second Tagalog lesson. It rained heavier in the morning when I woke up, and fortunately, it did not get heavier when I went out. For this lesson, we learned about subject pronouns or "paksang panghalip" and words used in a conversation or "mga salitang gamit sa pakikipag-usap".

Four In One: Tagalog, Mandarin, English, Indonesian

What a rainy day today! It rained in the morning when I went out for breakfast but fortunately, it was not heavy. Typhoon just passed Taiwan last night, leaving so much destruction to the southern cities like Kaohsiung and Pingtung. Hopefully, everything goes well around there.

Guest Post: 15 Rules for Learning Foreign Languages in Record Time

There is no technique that will allow you to learn a foreign language easily and quickly. But do not despair — if you want that, you will achieve it. We have collected professional advice on the best way to learn a foreign language on your own.

Guest Post: Learning English with Movies – Fun and Value Hand in Hand

“I’m not just watching, I’m listening to English” – is the excuse at the end of the day when a parent sees you are not visibly studying at night instead of going to bed. However, I challenge you to think: what if it was true and you did actually learn from a movie? With so much interesting stuff happening in the US and other English speaking countries there is enough to blow your mind on a daily basis. And it’s not just politics or some kind of world library. Guilty pleasures work well, Suicide Squad, some comedy... whatever floats your boat.

Esperanto Presentation

I got an amazing opportunity today to present about Esperanto in South East Asian Migrant Inspired (SEAMI), a non-profit organization located in Taoyuan city, Taiwan. The presentation lasted for approximately one hour and I covered the brief history of Esperanto, Esperanto organizations, Esperanto-related entertainment, and my experience of learning it as well as the friendship that I have because of Esperanto.

Guest Post: 7 Attributes Competent Interpreters Have in Common

There is now a high demand for interpreters across various businesses looking for an opportunity to go international. This is exactly why there are also entities who focus on building their own private translation agencies to offer translating services.

10 Tips To Learn A New Language

Anyone from anywhere can access information much easier nowadays. Don't believe it? It doesn't matter where you are right now, you can always read my articles in this blog, can't you? In fact, this blog has been viewed by readers from more than 100 countries around the world, even from some countries that I didn't know they exist. It is very incredible to learn about how information flows faster than the flow of rainwater into the sea, something that my mom could never believe, not to say my grandmom.

Guest Post: It’s behaviour, stupid

Do you know what native speakers look at to determine a person’s fluency in their language? It’s not proper grammar or even pronunciation—it’s the behavior of the speaker that demonstrates his or her command of the language.

Guest Post: Why Listen to Foreign Music And Radio When Learning A Language?

There are many different ways and reasons to learn a foreign language. You may be studying for a big exam, preparing for a move to a new country or simply just looking to gain a new skill. Whatever your reasons for attempting to pick up a whole new language, there are some inescapable truths. Speaking a different tongue is difficult to achieve and is amount more than just reciting words and phrases from a page.

Guest Post: 4 Steps To Becoming A Successful Translator

In this article, you will find some advice about growing your freelance language services business fast. A freelance translator may have excellent language and translation skills, but it is the lack of business skills that causes many freelance translators to fail. In this short article, you will find vital guidance to what every freelance translator need to do to run a successful business.

Esperanto Duolingo and Magazine

Esperanto might not be strange to you but how much did you know about Esperanto? Every time I talked about Esperanto to my friends and acquaintances, I always noticed surprise in their faces. Some of them have had heard about Esperanto but did not have any ideas about it. Wikipedia has articles in Esperanto, and Google Translate also has Esperanto in the language options, so it means Esperanto is supposedly a language that worth to be considered about.

Recent Updates

I realized that it has been a long time I have not updated this blog with my article. You might be wondering what I was busy with these days. I have got various new stuff to do: new languages to learn, new methods to experiment, my sister's graduation and my parents' visit, etc.

Guest Post: 7 Ways to Stay Motivated When Learning Spanish

Learning a new language takes consistent work over a long period of time, and sometimes it's just hard to stick with it. Even the most seasoned polyglots struggle with a lack of motivation from time to time. Here are 7 ways I’ve learned to keep my motivation up during the times when I feel like I have none left.

It's time to learn Indonesian

Which language do you think they speak in Indonesia? Malay, Indonesian or Bahasa? Have you ever learned it or do you know anyone who speaks it? Many people may recognize this language as Bahasa, and what does Bahasa really mean because there is also another way of calling this language, such as Malay language and Indonesian language. If you have read about Indonesia in the encyclopedia, you must have noticed that the official language is written as Indonesian. However, you might have seen language books for learning Malay/ Indonesian or you might have read many blog articles that mention “Bahasa”. So, which one is the correct name?

How many languages do you know?

Being able to speak a second language is somewhat extraordinary for some people. It is because the advantage of knowing a second language really matters. It widens our horizon, increases our skill, and broadens our network. Thus, bilingual people are always seen better in terms of having the opportunity to greater access to information than what monolingual people are.

The Secret of Language Learning

Admit it, everyone wants the fastest way to acquire a new language. We have got no time to waste after all. Our daily schedule is mostly occupied by commitments, such as work, family, and friends, to name a few. Thus, you may still be searching for the so-called “the secret of language learning”, or in other words, the best method to learn languages.

Guest Post: Role of Interest Behind the Language Learning

Language learning is not a new thing but it is not an easy thing. It is spot on that language learning is the most complex thing and everyone should offer their best to become master of a language. The best part of people is having to experience the trouble of learning a language at some point in their life. Obviously, there is a short cut to learn a language and it is essential for everyone to work hard to become master in a language. A lot of things have got to come together to learn a language in an effective manner, such as hard work, interest, motivation, encouragement, influence, self-assurance etc.

Sichuanese Language: As Hot As Its Hotpot

Does the title give you a clue of where this language is from? You might guess "China". That's correct, more precisely, Sichuan province in southern China which capital city is Chengdu. I had neither clue at all about this language, nor a clue about languages they speak in Sichuan province. Having the opportunity to learn Sichuanese language is completely a whole new experience for me, like discovering long lost treasure.

Something Went Wrong!

You are about to read my bad experience in language learning. My initial plan did not happen as what it was supposed to be. The lesson here is that you need to have more than one plan for everything you decide will do, including your commitment to learning a new language. And you need to be prepared mentally if the consequence is a disappointment.

Guest Post: Learn Chinese Language Online, Fast and Free (The Ultimate Guide) Part 4

Step-by-Step Guide Pt. 1: Preparation 1.1 Decide on which Chinese you want to learn (most common – Mandarin) 1.2 Buy a Chinese-English dictionary 1.3 Become familiar with the language

Guest Post: Learn Chinese Language Online, Fast and Free (The Ultimate Guide) Part 3

5. Listen to Chinese Audio Books, Music and Audio Podcasts Chinese audiobooks and music offer you more great ways to learn. Songs, in particular, are excellent, because the melody helps you to memorize the lyrics. This makes it easy to recall specific words and phrases. Both audiobooks and music are perfect for mastering pronunciation.

Cantonese or Russian?

Imagine you have only one month to learn a language by yourself, would you choose to learn a new language or improve those you have known? What if you will learn under the guidance of a professional teacher? Which language will you choose to learn? And what if you could get rewards for learning languages? Sounds good, right?

Italki Language Challenge 2016

It's the time again,  Italki Language Challenge is back! January 2016, the first month of this new year, is the perfect timing for anyone who is set on a journey to learn a new language or improve the previously learned language(s). Italki has changed the rule a little bit. So, check out what's new in this language challenge.

Guest Post: Learn Chinese Language Online, Fast and Free (The Ultimate Guide) Part 2

2. PDFs What’s cool about the internet is you can download PDF versions of textbooks. PDF textbooks for learning Chinese can be very comprehensive, delving in-depth into the language. Once you download them to your e-reader, you no longer need an internet connection to read them. Take them with you wherever you go. Study while you’re riding the bus or metro or waiting for an appointment.

Guest Post: Learn Chinese Language Online, Fast and Free (The Ultimate Guide) Part 1

With its rich history, beautiful geography, and unique cultural identity, China is one of the world’s most compelling destinations. It’s also home to 1.357 billion people. So if you are going to learn a second language that a lot of people speak, Chinese is an excellent choice.

Language Challenge 2016

First of all, let me greet all of you, my lovely readers, a warm Happy New Year 2016! Nee's Language Blog will not make it until today without you! Yes, you! You! YOU! This is a follow-up post of What to learn in 2016?  As what we have seen in the polling, Latvian, Russian, German, Arabic, and Turkish were among the top favorited language from the list.

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