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Guest Post: 7 Attributes Competent Interpreters Have in Common

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There is now a high demand for interpreters across various businesses looking for an opportunity to go international. This is exactly why there are also entities who focus on building their own private translation agencies to offer translating services.

At present, the number of interpreter Philippines has been seen to increase due to the influx of international businesses who put up their businesses in the country. If you are looking for a reliable translator who can do the legwork for you, it’s good to know that there are various options you could choose from.

However, to make sure that you are getting the best service, knowing the attributes that make those competent ones stand out amidst the competition is vital. Below are the top attributes you must look for.

Expertise in foreign language

Naturally, your first stop when looking for a potential candidate for a job is their expert command on the language you need. For example, if you are a Japanese company hoping to set up a local branch in Manila, then having an interpreter who speaks the Japanese language and Tagalog is a must. Needless to say, they must be able to handle conversations both oral and written in like a native.

Profound knowledge of business communication

Most of those who hire interpreters are foreign business organizations who need to translate their website or any content material to the language of the country they wish to expand. Skilled interpreters, apart from having an excellent command of the language also know how business communication works.

They know how to craft compelling copies for internal circulation, website content and more. When hiring an interpreter, make sure they have experience in servicing a corporate environment. This adds up to their competence in doing the job.

Expertise in a variety of writing styles

The tricky thing about language studies is the variety of formats they have. It is imperative that you hire an interpreter who has enough knowledge of the appropriate styles employed for a specific language. Apart from accuracy, this also makes you legit to the locals. Once they get their hands on your content, they will know if the written content is relevant and is targeted for their specific needs. To do this, you need an interpreter who is capable enough of speaking their language.

Competent interpersonal skills

While your task for those interpreters may primarily be written the translation, you should also not underestimate their skills in socializing and dealing with different people. Should you need them to interpret for you orally, their people skills will come in handy.

Familiarity with the use of translation tools

Innovation has brought about lots of improvements not only to the IT industry but even on the most basic service such as translation. One of the factors that employers should look into when getting an interpreter is their familiarity with the modern tools used in aiding them on their job.

For instance, translating video content may need the extraction of one file to view the contents. This means using software or a tool to conduct the procedure. Competent interpreters understand the need to boost their skills by also equipping themselves with the necessary knowledge for running the most useful equipment.

Solid profile

This is primarily concerned with the level of experience that a professional interpreter has. If you want to ensure the reliability of the person you hire, you should not forget to look into the details of their experience. Have they tried serving another company in the past? Are the skills set compatible with the job you have for them?

To get more information, it might be best to let the professional give you some references. You can call those people and ask about their own level of satisfaction for the job done by the interpreter. While you ultimately have the final say, the collective opinion of people who have firsthand experience on the service quality is a big thing.

Reasonable pricing

Last but not least, they know how to price their services right. Just keep in mind that this factor can be affected by several other things as well. For instance, those interpreters who are working for an agency may cost higher than independent ones for the total expense spent in communications and basically the standard fee offered by the agency.

The best way to know whether or not one service isn’t overpriced is to canvass from a variety of sources. How much do they offer? What are its inclusions? Is the company trusted by other people? These questions and more can ultimately give you an idea if the interpreter you hire is priced right.

Decades ago, hiring people who can speak different languages is more costly and time-consuming. Now, this is no longer the case. Determine the specific materials you want to translate and find a competent professional interpreter using the checklist we have above.

I'm Marilyn Steffen a professional translator and interpreter. I'm currently working in Translation Company Philippines, a certified translation and interpretation company located in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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