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Guest Post: Learn Chinese Language Online, Fast and Free (The Ultimate Guide) Part 3

5. Listen to Chinese Audio Books, Music and Audio Podcasts

Chinese audiobooks and music offer you more great ways to learn. Songs, in particular, are excellent, because the melody helps you to memorize the lyrics. This makes it easy to recall specific words and phrases. Both audiobooks and music are perfect for mastering pronunciation.

5.1 Audio Books

Loyalbooks is a great source for free Chinese audiobooks. You’ll find there a great variety of interesting books worth listening on your journey to mastering the language.

5.2 Audio Podcasts

What is special about audio podcasts is that you can have them always with you. Wherever you go you should always utilize your extra free time by listening and widening your language skills.

Very sophisticated audio lessons focusing on proper pronunciation, learning new vocabulary and topics of cultural interest. The full podcast consisting of 55 lessons is free and is an innovative and fun way of learning the Chinese language at your own comfort and pace.

Link on iTunes: Click here (Reminder: To get access to audio lessons, you need to install iTunes first.)

Audio tracks that give you a taste Chinese. With short and catchy tracks you’ll be taken right to the action. (Reminder: To get access to audio lessons, you need to install iTunes first.)

Link on iTunes: Click here (Reminder: To get access to audio lessons, you need to install iTunes first.)

6. Chat or Speak With Native Chinese Speakers

There’s no better way to learn a foreign language fast than by regularly practicing with a real conversation! Chat with native Chinese speakers and with Chinese learners via Skype, Google Hangouts, or even through email. Both verbal chat and text-based chat have different benefits, so you should do a combination of each. Not only do you get to practice Chinese in a real context, but you also get over your fear.

How do you find people to chat with? You can reach out to members of Facebook groups, or you can look for people through language forums or learning sites and programs like those we talked about above.

Facebook groups worth joining:

I am Adam and I originally come from the Czech Republic, a small but adorable country in the heart of Europe. I started to learn languages in kindergarten and since then I am a big language enthusiast. Besides my native language, which is Czech, I can also speak Spanish, German, English and partly Chinese. However, I am also in the process of mastering Russian. It took me lots of time to manage each of the languages mentioned, therefore, I wanted to share all the methods, tips and tricks that I developed over time with people who might find it useful.

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