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Esperanto Presentation

I got an amazing opportunity today to present about Esperanto in South East Asian Migrant Inspired (SEAMI), a non-profit organization located in Taoyuan city, Taiwan. The presentation lasted for approximately one hour and I covered the brief history of Esperanto, Esperanto organizations, Esperanto-related entertainment, and my experience of learning it as well as the friendship that I have because of Esperanto.

The audiences had neither clue nor knowledge about the Esperanto language because the development in Taiwan is not as vigorous as that in another continent, like Europe or America. Moreover, the available information in Chinese might not be as abundant as that in English. However, they had the chance to learn so much in my presentation, and I am glad that they showed interest in the language.

At the end of the presentation, I donated some Esperanto books on behalf of myself and Taiwan Esperanto Association. Personally, Esperanto has been the easiest language that I have ever learned, and I can use it just like any natural languages to talk about various subjects, such as life, work, entertainment, etc. Below are some photos of the presentation.

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