Esperanto Day 2017

Esperanto fest takes place every year on the 15th December. It is the birthday of L. L. Zamenhof (1859-1917), who is the creator of Esperanto, and it is widely celebrated in Esperantujo (Esperanto community). There are sometimes lectures in this kind of fest.

Can you speak Romanian?

Have you heard about Romance languages? Romance languages are the languages that evolved from Vulgar Latin. The Romans spoke them, that's why they are called Romance languages. Some of the widely known Romance languages are Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French. But did you know that Romanian language is also categorized as a Romance language? The name "Romanian" even contains the word "Roman" in it.

Read About Medan in Esperanto

"Urbo de Medano", that is how my hometown, Medan city, is called in Esperanto language. I am aware that there is not much information about events, travel guide, lifestyle, etc in Medan city that is available online or in the bookstores, it is because Medan city is not really popular like Jakarta or Bali.

Toki Pona: The Language of Good

I finally chose a new language to learn, and this time, it is a constructed language (conlang). Guess what? It is The Language of Good or Toki Pona. Surprising? Let me tell you why.

Before I decided to learn it, I have read a lot about Toki Pona because it is one of many popular conlangs.

Why do I learn French?

Many people asked me this question. Some people learn a language because of the job or other reasons. My dream is to know all 6 official languages of the United Nations and French is one of them.

Accustom yourself to different English accents

You are learning the language and you find out that you cannot understand when the people are talking? Don't worry, maybe you just not learn it with the correct way.

Learning by Reading

There are many ways to learn a language. Whether which one to use depends on your preferences. You can use one method to learn one language and another method to learn another language. It is because all languages have different structures, such as grammar, vocabulary or word order.

Q&A for Learning Indonesian

You may have heard about Indonesian language and its similarity with Malay language. Both are from the same origin but developed into 2 different forms because of historical reason. Indonesian language has more Dutch loanwords and Malay has more English loanwords.

Sorry, I don't speak Chinese

Have you noticed that most of the time, English seems to be the only language used for international communication? When you go to the airport or touristic places in any non-English speaking countries, you will always see English in the signboards. When you meet anyone that don't have a common language with you, you would probably speak English too. Or when someone approach you on the street in a foreign country, that person would probably speak English with you.

Diversity Language Challenge

Italki language challenge is back! Starting from July 1 to the end of the month, you can join learners from around the world to learn less popular or smaller languages meanwhile having the chance to earn a reward at the end of the challenge. Sounds like a good deal, doesn't it?

3 Social And Language Meetups

What do you usually do in your free time? Do you like socializing? Do you like learning languages? Have you joined any social and language meetups?

I have joined several meetups before I finally had the courage to organize my first meetup. I'm not an extrovert person, so it needs big effort to dare to contact friends, acquintances, and even strangers, and invite them to my meetups. Thinking about it in another way, it's like doing sales and marketing.

Fiesta Latina 2017

Many of you may not know that Latin culture is definitely growing gradually in Taiwan, especially in the capital city of Taipei. When you search for any Latin events on Facebook, you can find a lot of them, most are cultural-related activities. This means that you also can speak Spanish with native speakers in Taiwan! Isn't that exciting?!

Dutch Level 15

"Once you start learning a language, you will never stop". Do you agree with that? Well, this is happening to me right now, I can't stop learning languages and I have been learning languages for more than 8 years. Guess what, I'm focusing on Dutch at this moment.

Peru and Chile

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I participated again another Latin event in Taipei city (Taiwan). Latin culture has definitely been growing rapidly in Taipei city. This fact can be seen from the more frequently organized Latin events from weeks to weeks.

Presentation about Argentina and Bolivia

Four people from Taiwan, Argentina, Indonesia, and Bolivia gathered together to attend a presentation about Argentina and Bolivia in Taipei Artist Village (TAV) on April 2nd, 2017. TAV is located in the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei city. You can reach it easily from exit 1 of Shandao Temple MRT station. The presentation's content covered a wide range of topics, such as literature, culture, politics, geography, history, etc. The presenter explained them in a mix of Chinese, Spanish, and English. Furthermore, I got the chance to help interpreting it from Spanish to Chinese and vice versa.

Learn German: The complete step by step guide to learning German as a foreign language

With this complete A-Z guide you will learn everything you need to know to study German.
You will find a compilation of the best resources, videos, tasks, work sheets and much more in the whole internet.

5 Reasons To Learn Indonesian

Indonesian language belongs to Austronesian language group, which consists of languages from Taiwan to Southeast Asia, and from Madagascar to the Pacific Ocean. The most speakers of Indonesian language can be found in Indonesia, and you can see the whole country of Indonesia very clearly in the map, just search along the equator line.

If you were to speak 12 languages

There is a question in Quora entitled "If you were to speak 12 languages (including your native language), which ones would you choose?" and here is my answer.

My dream is to know six official languages of the United Nations, however, I know that I’ll acquire some other languages in the progress because I have various reasons to learn a language.

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