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"Urbo de Medano", that is how my hometown, Medan city, is called in the Esperanto language. I am aware that there is not much information about events, travel guide, lifestyle, etc in Medan city that is available online or in the bookstores, it is because Medan city is not really popular like Jakarta or Bali.

Because of this reason, I took the initiative to start a blog where I write or translate articles about Medan city, not in English but in Esperanto. You may ask "Why?".

English is an international language, no one can deny it. And so is Esperanto. English language market is big, it is not easy to stand out of the crowd, whereas Esperanto can serve as a communication tool for a niche market, or in another word, a more focused market.

By having this city guide in the Esperanto language, I have also participated in enriching the Esperanto language resources. Moreover, Esperanto learners can benefit from this blog as they will have more reading material to practice their Esperanto.

The articles are selected so that it will not be too difficult for beginners to understand. Besides, you can also read the old articles which I wrote in Medium before changing the blog to Wordpress.

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