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Esperanto Day 2017

Esperanto fest takes place every year on the 15th December. It is the birthday of L. L. Zamenhof (1859-1917), who is the creator of Esperanto, and it is widely celebrated in Esperantujo (Esperanto community). There are sometimes lectures in this kind of fest.

Esperanto Day (Zamenhof Day) 2017 took place in Taoyuan city, which is located at northern Taiwan on the 17th December. Many participants that came were not only those from Taiwan Esperanto Association but also Esperantist friends and non-Esperantists.

I was in charge of arranging the venue at a Southeast Asian cultural center for the fest. Reza Kheirkhah was the leader of the fest and Ingrid interpreted in Chinese when necessary. Ingrid is a professional Esperanto and Chinese interpreter. Abengo, who is a retired professor of Metallurgy, prepared the 50-page Zamenhof brochure and Reza provided the details of the programmes and the works of Prof. Wang Jiu-Kwei, who is also a retired professor.

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