Level Up Or Learn A New Language?

So, you might be learning your ninth language and people keep on asking "When will you stop learning languages?" Instead of having an answer to that question, you came up with more questions, "Will you level up one language or learn a new language?"

I admit that language learning is addictive, well, in a positive meaning. I bet once you know your second, third or fourth language, you will want to learn more and more. You become unstoppable!

My Name In Several Scripts/ Languages

Here is "Teddy Nee" in various Tibetan scripts, the first being the usual capital one (uchen or "ucän") and the others "ume" cursive variants (chuyig, drutsa & tshuthung, among others)
Did you realize that most of Asian languages have their own writing scripts, whereas European languages adopt Latin script? I find it very interesting. In fact, I am so interested by the aesthetic aspect of the script, especially that with curves and written as if it was drawn.

20 Hours Of Portuguese

20-hour language course is certainly short compared with what many study programs can offer. Imagine that you might spend the whole one hour on learning alphabets and telling people about your name, your hometown, your occupation, etc. in a language course.

If you join a course with many students, your learning pace can go only as fast as the slowest student. That might not be efficient for some students. The solution is either to do self-learning or to take a 1-on-1 course.

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