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Guest Post: Learning Malayalam?

This post is for a friend, Teddy who loves languages - almost all his Facebook posts are language related. The other day he asked me - "What makes learning Malayalam enjoyable?" It was then that I realized, most of the languages I learned was something that came naturally - I mean, I didn't put in any extra efforts to learn any of them.

Interview: Przemek Kocur (Poland)

Let's meet Przemek Kocur from Poland Facebook | Google | Website
Could you tell us about yourself, including the languages you know? My name is Przemek. I am from Poland. My mother tongue is Polish. My biggest passion is learning foreign languages. I got attracted to them in high school. I am an autodidact. I am lucky because I have an opportunity to use some of the languages at work (I am responsible for international relations in a town hall).

5 Funny Words In Afrikaans From My Perspective

On my daily routine sitting in front of my computer reading many articles about languages, technology, and entrepreneurship, I usually find interesting subjects to learn. And this time, I have an even more interesting subject about language when I read that Afrikaans is considered as an easy language, if not the easiest, for English speaker or speakers from its language family. I was like “Seriously?!”

Guest Post: Penang Hokkien - Establishing A New Writing System For A Spoken Language

It's not every day that someone somewhere has the chance to create a new writing system for an existing language.  More often than not, most of the language already have an established writing system.

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Fluent in 3 months – Language Hacking and Travel Tips

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