Guest Post: How to fit language learning into your life (no matter how busy you are)

busy schedule?

You know the problem. You’re getting nowhere with your language learning. You know you need to invest more time in your studies.

Every week you promise yourself that you’ll spend more time studying. But somehow life gets in the way. Before you know it another week passed and you haven’t done any studying.

5 Foreign Languages To Learn In Taiwan

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How do you decide which language to learn? Everyone has different answers, such as job requirement, heritage, or relationship.

A little bit about me

Before I decided to focus on Spanish, I was also learning several other languages, for instance Latvian, Russian, Portuguese, etc. Learning the basic of those languages allows me to understand some phrases and the structure.

Guest Post: How to Stay Motivated When Learning a Language

Motivation quote

Did you start your language learning with total commitment, only to lose interest after other life events took over? I know I did.

Learning Spanish at university was an exciting challenge. I had visions of myself jetting off to the Costa Del Sol, chatting with friendly locals, and sunning myself on the beach.

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