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5 Foreign Languages To Learn In Taiwan

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How do you decide which language to learn? Everyone has different answers, such as job requirement, heritage, or relationship.

A little bit about me

Before I decided to focus on Spanish, I was also learning several other languages, for instance, Latvian, Russian, Portuguese, etc. Learning the basic of those languages allows me to understand some phrases and the structure.

In 2008, I came to Taiwan to pursue my higher degree study and learn Chinese. Like many foreigners, we might only think of Chinese language when we talk about Taiwan.

Languages in Taiwan

In fact, aboriginal languages, Taiwanese, and Hakka languages exist in Taiwan with the latter two being used the most, apart from Chinese. For example, announcement in the train and subway are broadcasted in 4 languages — Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka, and English.

In addition to the languages mentioned earlier, there are several foreign languages that exist and you may consider learning if you are in Taiwan. 

Every non-English speaker knows that English is the most popular foreign language anywhere. Meanwhile, Chinese is the official language in Taiwan. Therefore, I consider them the primary choices for non-native English and/ or Chinese speaker.

Local foreign language

There are several foreign languages whose speakers you can find easily in Taiwan. These local foreign languages are listed as the following:
  1. Indonesian
  2. Tagalog
  3. Vietnamese
  4. Thai
  5. Burmese
Many migrant workers come from Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand in Taiwan. Their contributions have helped in developing Taiwan and its economy.

Moreover, there are South East Asian areas in many Taiwanese cities where you can find lots of Indonesian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Thai speakers.

Especially for Burmese, I know only 1 Burmese area which is located in Taipei city.

Apart from the migrant workers, there are also many students from these South East Asian countries. Thus, judging from the amount of the speaker, there is a relatively high chance to practice the languages on daily basis without the Internet.

Last but not the least

Taiwan has become a heterogeneous society. The existence of South East Asian has enriched Taiwanese society and its culture.

So, which language would you like to learn?

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