This website seems to be a good reference about language learning. I found it while I was searching for Latvian grammar. There are many information in the website, such as a writing system, phrases, language learning strategy, references, etc. I shall spend several days checking on the contents. I hope that I can get what I want from here.

I have purchased a phrase book by lonely planet about Baltic languages — Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian. I have been searching for the best way to learn Latvian grammar since it is terribly hard for me. Grammar is not interesting to learn, but the constructed sentences will not be good without grammar.

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Tim: The Young Polyglot

(Photo credit: New York Times)

I came across news about a young polyglot, a 16 years old multilingual speaker two days ago on Facebook. He is amazing, inspiring, and whatever you name it. It is just so cool! I checked on his YouTube, PolyglotPal, and found out that he speaks 11 languages! If you think speaking 3 languages is awesome, Tim with his 11 languages is absolutely more than awesome! I wonder how he can manage to learn all of those languages. His methods of learning are obviously something that I need to learn. He started his language video while he was 15 and he is 16 now. He has acquired so much in just 1 year. That is incredible! 


From my experience learning several languages, I have realized that I understand better in listening/ reading more than speaking/ writing in the beginning. I would categorize listening and reading into "Input", and speaking and writing into "Output"

My Learning Material

I have used many materials for language learning and I found out that I like Teach Yourself material more than others do. I like the way it is arranged from chapter to chapter. Learners will start by reading the general knowledge about the language, such as how popular it is. The alphabets, examples, conversation dialogues are well arranged. Learners can learn the vocabulary little by little from conversation dialogues and the corresponding grammar. Therefore, the focus in this learning material is the conversation. The learner can apply directly the conversation in real life situation. The conversations illustrate several real life situations, such as checking bus schedules, ordering food in a restaurant, etc.

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