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From my experience learning several languages, I have realized that I understand better in listening/ reading more than speaking/ writing in the beginning. I would categorize listening and reading into "Input", and speaking and writing into "Output"

When I learn a language, I will learn mostly from the conversation. Then, I will break the grammar and vocabularies down from the conversation. I will be able to learn and understand them easily and quickly with this method. I can also know how I can use the phrases because I learn it from the conversation.


After acquiring the vocabularies, I will need grammar to construct the sentence for the Output (speaking and writing). However, the problem is that grammar has always been the most difficult in language learning. There will be never so-called easy grammar for language except for Esperanto. Grammar comprises rules and it is boring for me to start learning from the grammar.

Our Brain is Smart!

When I listen to a native speaker speaking in my target language, I feel that it is easier to understand the meaning of the conversation rather than to construct the sentence. It is because our brain is smart! Our brain can surprisingly know the meaning by guessing even though it does not know word by word. I aim to understand by listening and reading every time I learn a language, then I will continue to learn sentence construction.

Thanks for reading. Share your language learning experience with us by leaving comments. What aspect do you think is the most important in language learning? Feel free to share this article if you like. If you have any opinions, please leave a comment or send me a message. I love reading them, and I will love it more if you subscribe to this blog.

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