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Interview: Chloe (Taiwan)

Let's meet Chloe from Taiwan

Could you tell us about yourself, including the languages you know?

Born and bred in Taiwan, I consider my mother tongue to be Chinese. However, I started learning English since I was four, so English comes to a close second.  I have been learning Spanish for 7+ years, but I can’t write well, because I rarely write. I also learned French for 2 years, but it’s been on and off. I also tried out Vietnamese and Indonesian classes at school just for fun.

Why do you think languages are important to you?

Languages are important because each language has a distinctly different feeling (at least for me it does). When I talk to others in their native language, I embrace their personality because I can understand them better. Plus, it’s always fun to eavesdrop on people on transportations. ;)

Which language are you learning and how do you learn?

Currently, I’m learning Spanish. I go to class once a week and I read blogs or watch movies/ TV series either with Spanish subtitles or dubbed in Spanish. 

Last semester, I met a French exchange student for lunch to practice French. We ended up chatting in a mixture of Chinese and English, with only a bit of French in between, but it was really fun.

Could you tell us which language is the most challenging to learn and why?

Anything that isn’t Latin alphabet based can be a bit more challenging to me because I have to learn what it looks like first! So Japanese and Korean are challenging to me!

Which language is the least challenging to learn and why?

Probably French, since it’s very similar to Spanish. Conjugation can be a headache to memorize, but understanding when to use it is easier. Also, I can guess a lot of the vocabulary based on my knowledge of English and Spanish.

What is the next language for you to learn and why?

I would like to learn Japanese because (I think) I can finally recognize the 50 basic sounds! And I just love traveling to Japan.

What is your advice to other language learners?

Never stop just because you get frustrated, it’s all in the process. The most important thing is to find a reason to support your language learning goal, be it traveling, talking/meeting more people/potential love interests or supporting a sports team! Be silly and don’t be afraid to talk with people who are willing to converse with you. Remember that even learning a word can be rewarding. 

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