Secret Message (frperg zrffntr)

V unir whfg rapbhagrerq guvf srj qnlf ntb nf V "jnf nggraqvat" bar bs zl Pbhefren pbhefrf. Vg vf abg nobhg Rhebcrna be Nfvna ynathntrf, naq vg vf nyfb abg nobhg pbzchgngvbany ynathntrf. Vg vf nobhg rapbqvat zrffntr! Guvf ybbxf fb sha :Q

Fb onfvpnyyl, vg jbexf ol ercynpvat gur yrggre jvgu gur 13gu yrggre nsgre vg va gur nycunorg. Vs lbh glcr "N", vg jvyy tvir lbh "A". Gur pbzcyrgr nycunorg yvfg vf fubja nf gur sbyybjvat:

Copy the above message here to read it.

Vs lbh jbaqre jurer qvq V trg gb xabj nobhg guvf pbby fghss, purpx bhg gur pbhefr va Pbhefren pnyyrq   "Vagrearg Uvfgbel, Grpuabybtl, naq Frphevgl" urer uggcf://

This one is not about language learning, but it is quite interesting. Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this article if you like. If you have any opinions, please leave a comment. I love reading them.

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