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How you can learn SignWriting fast?

SignWriting is a system of writing sign languages that use symbols to represent the movements, shapes, and expressions of the hands, face, and body. It can be used to write any sign language in the world, and it is the written form of 27 sign languages.

If you want to learn SignWriting fast, here are some tips:

Start with the basics. Learn the symbols for the handshapes, orientations, locations, movements, and facial expressions that are used in SignWriting. You can find them on the SignWriting website or on Omniglot.

Practice reading and writing signs. You can use online tools such as SignPuddle or SignMaker to create and edit signs in SignWriting. You can also find dictionaries, books, and videos in SignWriting for various sign languages on the SignWriting website.

Learn from others. Join online communities of SignWriting users and learners, such as the SignWriting List, the Facebook group, or the YouTube channel. You can ask questions, share your work, and get feedback from other signers and writers.

Have fun and be creative. SignWriting is not only a way of writing sign language, but also a way of expressing yourself visually. You can use SignWriting to write stories, poems, jokes, songs, or anything you like. You can also play games, puzzles, or quizzes in SignWriting to test your skills and have fun.

Here are some useful websites.

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