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Zulu Language

Here is an interesting language from South Africa, which is similar to the Swazi language. It is called Zulu or isiZulu. Zulu is the language of the Zulu people with about 10 million speakers and the majority live in South Africa. In 1994, it became one of South Africa's eleven official languages. This language possesses several click sounds, which are typical of South African languages.

A Swazi friend showed me an interesting website with a collection of materials for learning Zulu. Several providers provide the contents, such as isiZulu (Google Chrome cannot open this, instead, I use Internet Explorer) and Unisa. Several materials that you can find include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Dictionary
  • Useful Phrases
  • Pronunciation
  • News
  • Literature

Isolezwe news portal

Several Zulu phrases are listed as the following:
  • Greetings (to one person) - Sawubona 
  • Yes - Yebo (The reply to sawubona
  • Greetings (to many people) - Sanibona 
  • Are you well? - Uyaphila na
  • How are you? - Unjani? 
  • I am well - Ngiyaphila (The reply to the above two)

Find more phrases of the following categories here
  • greetings and courtesies 
  • asking for help 
  • numbers, days, months, seasons 
  • question words, quantities, weather and time 
  • banks, taxis, and restaurants 
  • transportation and finding your way 
  • touring and socializing 
  • at the filling station 
  • the human body and ailments 
  • shopping and sport

Do you know another African language? Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this article if you like. If you have any opinions, please leave a comment. I love reading them.

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