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3 important languages children should learn

In a globalized and interconnected world, knowing more than one language can open up many opportunities and advantages for children, both personally and professionally. This can prepare them for living and working in a multicultural and multilingual society. Different languages may have different benefits and challenges for children. However, some possible factors to consider are:

Heritage language

Learning a language that is spoken by the children's family, friends, neighbors, or community can help them develop a sense of identity and belonging, as well as foster social and emotional skills. A heritage language is a language that is associated with one's ethnic, cultural, or family background but is not the dominant language in one's environment. Learning a heritage language can have many benefits, such as strengthening one's identity and connection with one's roots, ancestors, and community, and communicating with relatives and friends who speak that language.

Official language

Learning the official language can enhance the children's education and career prospects. It also can help one communicate with the authorities, institutions, and organizations that use that language. If their country has two major languages or a significant minority language, they should learn that language. For example, if the child lives in Canada, learning French can be useful, as it is one of the official languages. In Belgium, native Flemish speakers should learn French and vice-versa. 

International language

Learning a language that is widely spoken can open up more opportunities for communication, travel, and cultural exchange. According to the web search results, the three most commonly spoken languages in the world, excluding English, are Mandarin, Spanish, and Arabic. Learning an international language can foster one's integration and participation in the global society. Learning an international language can help one understand and appreciate the diversity and complexity of the world.

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