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Viva lets the whole world learn your language

In response to thousands of requests and questions from the Glossika community over the past few years asking to participate in the content development process, Glossika introduced Viva which is a platform for developing language learning content for anyone who wants to contribute to language education.

Benefits for language learners

Your Viva contributions will be included in Glossika, and language learners will benefit from the following:

Improved and expanded learning materials

You can access structured lesson plans in Glossika. To help you keep up with the rapidly changing world, Viva aims to significantly increase the vocabulary used with each sentence structure.

Find any language you want to learn

While this is an ambitious goal and it doesn't matter how rare the language is, Glossika will make it possible to learn.

Use voice recordings of your choice to learn

Language learners need to have options available to them, regardless of their age, gender, or country of origin. So even if you grew up abroad and have a slightly different accent, that's okay. You get the option to choose from a variety of voice recordings.

Benefits for language teachers

You can develop your personal expertise in education and earn passive income on Viva.

Improve personal skills

It can open up new options for you by presenting your contribution to language learners around the world. This adds value to your own skill set if you work as a teacher or content developer elsewhere.

Create a passive income stream

You will be paid a portion of your revenue every time a learner practices your content. It's easy to build your passive income in the education sector.

Whether it's translation, recording, or verification, you can participate in the content creation process based on your own skills or interests. You make more money the more people learn from your contributions.

How can you join Viva?

It's easy to join Viva. Simply go through the following 4-step application process:


Choose the language you want to add to the platform. You also need to choose a place to characterize your accent as accents, word choice, and even pronunciation change between different geographical areas.


It's important to state your background to meet the client's expectations because your environment, including family, teachers, friends, and coworkers, as well as where you grew up, has a huge impact on how you speak the language.

About you

This is where you can show off what you have. Mention your professional achievements and you can share as many as you want as this is optional.


You will need to pass a series of exams to proceed. Depending on the type of things you want to contribute to Viva, you will receive between 6 and 32 questions.

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