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Update your review of Think in Italian (formerly FluentSimple, Ripeti Con Me)

Ciao! My name is Stefano, Italian language coach and polyglot. I’m the author of the Italian audio course Ripeti con me! (repeat after me) available on Think in Italian (formerly FluentSimple) that you have reviewed before.

My course and my website have changed a lot since you wrote your review. That’s why I put together a “what’s new” list to make it easy for you to keep your review (and your readers) updated.

If you'd like to try out my courses yourself, just drop me a message and I’ll give you free access.

What’s so special about Think in Italian?

After 3+ years on the market, what users appreciate the most is definitely the focus on speaking - the most overlooked skill in language apps.

Indeed, after learning 12 languages, I can tell you that we all learn by listening and mimicking - and that’s what I’m trying to replicate in my courses.

By “fluent”, I mean that you can actually speak the language, not just understand grammar rules, memorize words, or solve quizzes.

Unlike fancy language apps that let you click through a lesson without uttering a word and distract you with unnecessary features and gamification, I just get the user to speak.

Why did you change your name?

There are many apps that promise to make you “fluent” but in reality barely teach you words and grammar rules at best, or even distract and entertain you at worst. Do you know anyone who’s learned how to speak on Duolingo?

If “fluency” is so overworked, then what?

One easily recognizable sign that you’re fluent in a language is that you think directly in that language without translating in your head. That’s what my users achieve in a matter of days (if they’re disciplined enough to take a lesson a day).

What’s in it for users?

There are 2 sets of premium lessons:
1. Italian audio course Ripeti con Me! (“Repeat after me”)
My signature course has grown into a series of 250 lessons from beginner to advanced, based on spaced repetition and comprehensible input to master grammar patterns and vocabulary naturally by listening and speaking. I make no secret that this format was inspired by the original version of Glossika. More on how to use the course on the services page and guided tour. Also see the course program.

2. Italian readings with audio Leggi con me! (“Read with me”)
A growing collection of 600+ stories, news, conversations, jokes, and songs sorted by level with audio, Italian transcript, and English translation to improve speaking, listening and reading skills.

Besides that, the following complementary resources are available for free on my website and my Youtube channel:
Grammar notes
Culture notes
Study tips
Online tests
Live Q&As

What’s new in the audio course Ripeti con me!

The audio course Ripeti con me! has been expanded to 250 lessons and retains its proven minimalist format.

You won’t find any flying owls, coins, avatars, fanfares… only useful materials.

The only addition is a search field to look up words and see how they’re used throughout the course. This makes the course a kind of contextual dictionary in itself (like Reverso).

What’s new in the readings Leggi con me!

It’s never to early to get exposed to real-world materials. However, tackling texts in a new language can be a haunting task. Thus, after popular demand, a new “total beginner” level was added.

For the sake of variety, two new categories “jokes” and “songs” were added to the existing 3: stories, news, and conversations.

The library now boasts 600+ readings.

They all follow the same format, so that users know what to expect in terms of difficulty and time commitment (about 1 minute of audio each).

Users receive a weekly email digest of readings that match their level.

The user dashboard

Users find the lessons that match their level on the dashboard (login required), together with their latest activity to keep track of completed lessons, etc.

On the dashboard, users may set their level, which affect which lessons are displayed on page and which readings are delivered by email weekly.

Live tutoring

Users have now access to hand-picked native tutors to take 1:1 live lessons. The lessons are purchased on a per-need basis.

Live streams

Stefano streams live on Youtube once a month to keep in touch with his audience, practice Italian, and share study tips.

Community forum

A space for discussion and Q&A is now available for members.

Mobile app

A first version of a mobile app with the two libraries of courses is scheduled to be released in October 2022.

New pricing

All the material is available online on the website for a monthly or yearly subscription or for a one-off lifetime membership.

I adopted a coaching-like approach with custom welcome messages and on-site Q&As. This reflects in the new pricing.

Indeed, my courses are more expensive than most language apps, but I decided to set prices based on results and appeal to motivated learners.

Prices are shown on this page.

Affiliate program

If you haven’t done so yet, you may register as an affiliate and receive a 20% lifetime commission on your referral sales. Details here.

Discount coupons

I disabled the coupon field on my checkout page. This means that if you’re offering a discount coupon, that won’t work anymore.

If you’d like a coupon for your visitors, I’ll create an opti-inform to embed on your post.


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